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As Li'l Sam returns to the party to blow out the candles, Sam continues to run through the woods amid flashbacks of a red dress-wearing woman in peril at the hands of his father. And when Sam arrives at a clearing in the woods, that flashback has become a flash current event. There's Vic, and there's the red dress, and there's Annie inside the red dress.

Which was unexpected.

Yeah, so it's Annie who's getting choked by Vic, though she gets in a shot of her own, right square in the Tylers. Sam intervenes, gun drawn. Annie manages to rasp out that she's fine in between coughs; "I don't know that I can say the same for him," she adds, pointing to the prostrate Tyler pater familias. Sam sends Annie back to the party, where she's to radio for backup. Someone would like some alone time to confront his daddy issues.

When we return from commercial, Vic is still lying on the ground -- man, Annie delivers a mean punch to the balls -- and Sam is still looming over him, gun pointed in his general direction. "I know how this looks, Sam," Vic begins. Poorly? Because that's how it looks from here. Anyhow, Vic took a powder from the 125 earlier because he figured that Sam would be unable to protect the Tyler clan from those horrible Pignatos. Sam tells him to save it: "I know the truth. I know you were trying to flee. I know you kidnapped the baby." Vic chuckles that he wasn't going to hurt the kid -- just get a little scratch to buy some nice things for the wife and kids. As far as denials go, that one's pretty weak. Besides, Sam is calling bullshit on that whole family thing: "You were never on the road being a salesman. You were expanding your criminal concerns. You told my mother we were broke, so she wouldn't hassle you about spending so much time away." Sam's choice of pronouns there puzzles Vic. But Sam continues -- if Vic walks out on his family right now as he's planning to, his son will wind up blaming himself and then grow into an emotionally stunted man unable to commit to a serious relationship 35 years in the future. Or, you know, words to that extent.

Vic's had enough of the lecturing: "Everything I do," he spits at Sam. "Why I started this in the first place came out of a need to take care of my family, to make sure they were safe." Sam insists that's a cop out. Vic retorts by asking Sam what he knows about anything. "What do you really know?" he sneers. Well, for starters, Sam knows that on his fourth birthday party, he had watched his father dance with his mother. And he was just about to blow out the candles when he realized his father wasn't around. "So I followed you into the woods," says Sam, once again confusing Vic with the use of the first person. "And I saw you beating a policewoman to death. You strangled her. And you kicked her. And you kicked her. And then you fled. And you never came back. But I blocked it out. I blocked it out until I came here. The memory... the memory was just too painful." Hey, a repressed memory! If this were a therapy session, this is about when the therapist would say what a productive session they've had and tell Sam that his hour was up. However, this is not a therapy session -- it's a standoff with criminal who happens to be Sam's father. Which, in itself, is probably going to necessitate a therapy session in Sam's future.

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