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Oedipus Wrecked

Especially since Vic is now openly taunting Sam. "Did you have a good time at your fourth birthday party?" he sneers. Sam can't say that he did. He's about to have an even worse time -- a pair of armed henchmen have just shown up, and since one of them's Uncle Butchie, they appear to be on the scene to do Vic's bidding. While Sam contemplates the pickle he now finds himself in, let's enjoy some more flashbacks of Vic going about his criminal business with Li'l Sam in tow. The flashback includes the failed ransom exchange at Sully's ("Home of the $4.95 plate of Buffalo wings and the best criminal enterprise in the outer boroughs!") in which Vic says his whole "Police? Not me. Not a chance" spiel before shooting all the bystanders himself. Then he hands off the suitcase filled with money to Butchie who happily gives Vic a superficial gunshot wound to make it look good for the cops. That is hard-core, man. "There are no Pignato Brothers," Sam suddenly realizes. Not true, Sam -- "I am the Pignato Brothers," Vic says. Well, that's something a son can take pride in, I suppose.

One of the henchmen cocks his gun, which forces Sam to shift his attention away from Vic. Big mistake -- Vic grabs for Sam's gun, and the two begin scuffling. Sam gets in a few good shots on Vic's wounded shoulder and comes up with the gun. However, with Vic gasping in pain, Sam lets his guard down to go and check on how his dad is doing -- Vic responds by sucker punching him and winding up with the gun. On the one hand, that's a clever move for Vic. On the other, maybe he should be embarrassed for giving birth to such an easily duped offspring. Nevertheless, Sam now finds himself on the business end of his own service revolver, so he tries a little reverse psychology. "You're not going to shoot me, Vic," he says. "What makes you so sure?" Vic says, a little too confidently. "Because that's not who you really are," Sam replies. Oh, I don't know -- Vic seems like that type of guy to me. And just to alleviate any doubt, he shoots Sam right in the gut. Sam stumbles into Vic's arms, and Vic fires off a second shot into the ol' breadbasket at point-blank range. Yeah, I'd call that "you're not going to shoot me" gambit a failure at this point. "High five," Vic says, slapping Sam's palm as he pushes him to the ground. All this scene needs is a couple of bodyguards pulling the two apart, a hooting audience, and Jerry Springer stepping in front of the camera to give his final thoughts on father-son rivalries.

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