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Sam has a better, slightly less traumatizing suggestion: maybe have Vic Tyler meet the Kreshpanes so that the big softie's hard exterior is chipped away and he agrees to cooperate. Sort of like Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi, though presumably with less Emperor-killing and Ewoks. Anyhow, Vic remains unhelpful in the face of the Kreshpanes' wails for help, so Sam pulls his pops aside. "What if your son were kidnapped?" Sam asks, perhaps a trifle too pointedly. "Can you imagine being separated from him?" Because you will be, he does not continue, for, like, the next 35 years, you worthless jerk. Vic would love to help -- really, he would -- but it seems like this is the Pignatos' problem, not his. Sam tries a different tack: what if Vic ends up going to jail for something he didn't do? What happens to his wife and kid, then? Pretty much the same thing that wound up happening anyhow, I'd imagine, only with a lot more visits to Rikers for Li'l Sam. Eventually, Vic crumbles: he's expecting a phone call this afternoon from agents of the Pignatos in which they will exchange a transfer of the ransom loot. It is unclear whether he was moved by the poignancy of Sam's words or simply wanted to shut the guy up. At any rate, mission accomplished there, Sam.

Ah, but there's one last bit of father-son psychodrama to play out. Vic notes that his son turns four on Saturday, and he'd ever so much like to be able to attend the party. Then you probably shouldn't have gotten mixed up with bookies and kidnappers and crazy money-making schemes is what a cynic might say. Sam is not that cynic: "You will be," he says, after Vic tells him how much he wants to be at that party. Hey, thanks for the spoiler alert, jerk.

Back from the commercial break, and Sam is accompanying Vic home. While it may seem odd that no one else in the 125th Precinct has found Sam's profound interest in this particular sleazeball the least peculiar, there is method in Sam's daddy-never-loved-me madness. He's hanging out with Vic so that he can be there when the Pignatos call with information about the money exchange. Also, he's got three decades worth of bonding to squeeze into a single afternoon. And while that may seem like a challenge, the biggest one facing Sam right now is acting like he hasn't previously visited Chez Tyler.

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