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Once inside the Tyler domicile, Sam fiddles with his -- well, Li'l Sam's -- toy rocket -- while Vic does a crossword puzzle and rambles on about his sadsack life selling cleaning supplies and running up massive gambling debts. "I made some bad bets," he tells Sam. Hey, hey -- don't beat yourself up. A lot of people thought the Washington Generals were due. As for the crossword puzzles, well, they're what Vic does to relieve the stress ever since Mama Rose made him give up cigarettes. "I got a real superstition about these things," Vic says of his crossword puzzles. "Once you get a puzzle that you can't solve, the key is always in the bottom right-hand corner. And once you figure that out, it just unfolds." What a seemingly random observation to make. I'm almost sure that will never come up again.

Just then, Ma Tyler appears, bringing all the Tylers together under one uncomfortable roof. The look Rose shoots Sam suggests that she has not forgotten him from their previous encounters. "Detective," she says, showing a complete absence of any poker face. "What are you doing here?" Sam quickly covers for Vic, saying that there's been a rash of routine break-ins lately and that he's just canvassing the neighborhood. Vic is more interested in learning how Sam happens to know his wife. "I used to pound a beat in this neighborhood," Sam says less convincingly. "We met once," Rose adds. "Briefly." "Oh," says Vic, who doesn't appear to be buying this one bit. Rose quickly changes the subject by noting that Li'l Sam has been asking for Vic. That gives Vic an idea -- maybe Detective Sam wants to meet his offspring. Sam, realizing that such a meeting would cause the universe to collapse upon itself, politely declines. Vic departs the room, leaving Rose to reacquaint herself with Detective Skywalker. "Please," Sam tells her. "Call me Luke." Well, Detective Skywalker isn't the only one whose midi-chlorian count is off the charts -- Rose correctly perceives that Vic is in some sort of trouble, despite Sam's protestations to the contrary. "I had to ask him some questions about a couple of things about police protocol," Sam eventually concedes. "Please -- don't worry." Well, that's sure to nip any suspicions she might be harboring right in the bud. So far as Rose is concerned, the only crime that Vic is guilty of is working too hard and missing time with his family. Well, that and aiding and abetting kidnappers. Other than that, though? Clean as a whistle!

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Life on Mars




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