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Time to search Sully's inner sanctum with guns drawn -- it's a lot like a foot chase, only slower and more methodical. But before things can get too intense, Chris emerges with a baby in his arms. I had no idea he was expecting. No, actually, it turns out that this is Baby Kreshpane -- or so Chris assumes, since it seems unlikely that the Pignatos would have multiple babies stashed upstairs. The cost of diapers alone would eat up most of the profits from the ransom collecting.

And now for the most emotionally scarring portion of Baby Kreshpane's ordeal -- being entertained by Hunt and Carling back at the 125 while waiting to be returned to his parents. Seriously -- I froze the picture just as Hunt was making goo-goo faces at the baby, and I'm sure I'll be visited by the night terrors for the foreseeable future. Baby Kreshpane just cries until Carling hands him off to Annie. Hey, if that's what it takes to handed over to Gretchen Mol... wah! Wah! Harvey Keitel terrified me! Wah!

A beaming Sam watches this from another corner of the precinct house before retreating to a side room where Vic is nursing his wounds. The D.A. plans to drop the charges against Vic, Sam announces -- after all, without Vic's help, the cops never would have found Baby Kreshpane. "You did a good thing," Sam says, with a touch of familial pride. "A really good thing. I'm sure your son would be very proud of what his father did today." And I should know, Sam does not add, because I am him. Love me, daddy! Even without that imaginary piece of dialogue, Vic seems uncomfortable about something. When Sam tells him that he's going to be able to go to his son's birthday party after all, Vic doesn't immediately respond. Sam repeats the question about going to his kid's birthday party: "Absolutely," Vic finally says in a tone that this recapper finds not terribly convincing. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

The arrival of the Kreshpanes to reclaim their baby from the clutches of the 125th Precinct momentarily draws Sam's attention away from Vic. They are naturally overjoyed... but also a little puzzled, as their son is holding a toy rocket that didn't formerly belong to him. Sam looks confused, too, and a flashback helps remind us why: that's the same toy spaceship Vic handed over to Li'l Sam at the beginning of this episode. Pops? You got some 'splaining to do. Sam walks hurriedly back to the room where Vic was sitting, but by the time he gets there, Vic has already lit out. Huh -- and a day earlier than when he usually abandons Sam.

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