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Previously on Aladdin Sane, Sam got to meet up with the 1973 edition of his mother, which was every bit as awkward as you might imagine it to be. And their reunion was all thanks to a little girl who happened to lead Sam right to where his mother was by singing a childhood lullaby of his. Wonder what ever became of that little girl?

Why, she's plummeted to her death if the opening of this episode is any indication. Bummer. At least, that's what I was able to discern from the voice-over by a radio DJ named Brother Love Butter -- think Barry White with more basso than profondo -- bemoaning the girl's sad fate. The shot of the kid hurtling rapidly downward was also a bit of a giveaway. Anyhow, we arrive on the scene at the same time that Sam, Hunt, and a detective I don't know are pushing their way past grieving onlookers. Apparently, the girl did not fall off of the roof on her own accord -- so says the detective I don't know who, if he plays his cards right, might get a goofy nickname from me. Detective Who Were You Again is the leader, as of this point. Annie, who has been crouching by the sheet-covered body with Carling, informs us that the victim's name is Keisha Davies. "Someone who kills a kid needs killing," Hunt grumbles. But honestly, lieutenant? You say that about a lot of people -- guys who kill veterans, guys who kill gays. It might be easier just to list all the people you think don't need killing.

Anyhow, Sam has pulled back the sheet and realized that Keisha is not exactly unknown to him -- both for her lyrical rendition of the Sandman song and for her photographs stashed in a Thom McAn box. "I know this girl," Sam mutters. Annie says that Keisha was known to operate a lemonade stand, so maybe Sam bought a glass off her. "It wasn't really good," Annie says guiltily. "It was tart." Well, that could be a lead -- round up all the people who really hate tart lemonade and bring them in for questioning. No, that wasn't it at all -- Sam tells the other officers that he met Keisha when she was riding her bike. "She helped me... with something... important," Sam says, and yes, he says it as haltingly as I typed it. Carling and Hunt look at him as if to say, "Well, clearly it had nothing to do with helping you find those marbles you've lost."

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