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Carling happily reports that he's got a bead on a suspect -- an ex-con (two years for assault) named Angel Ramirez who's a building superintendent. "Puerto Rican," Carling notes pointedly, adding that he has two eyewitnesses who saw the unfortunate Angel helping introduce Keisha to terra firma from the roof of a nearby building. "And that just turns this situation from bedlam into mayhem," Carling concludes. And why is that? "Here, PRs and blacks," Hunt explains to Sam as if he were a five-year-old, "there's an ongoing hostility." Skelton is picking up Angel now -- much to Carling's regret, since he will be deprived of participating in the inevitable prisoner beatings. Annie fills us all in on the other details surrounding Angel -- that Keisha was always following him around as he went about his work -- while the detectives brace themselves for the coming race war. I dunno. If I've learned anything from Broadway musicals -- and believe me, I've learned everything from Broadway musicals -- it's that traditionally antagonistic groups of people tend to settle their differences through elaborate choreographed dance numbers. It worked out well enough for the Sharks and the Jets.

Anyhow, the detective whose name I don't know reports that Skelton has run into a snag in apprehending Angel. And by snag, he means a two-fisted representative of the Church of Rome -- Angel fled into a Catholic Church, seeking sanctuary, and the local priest is threatening anyone who tries to arrest him with a right good pummeling. The priest is played by the same guy who played Sobotka in Season Two of The Wire, and while I'd love to make a joke along the lines of how I hope things work out better for him in this show, I can't do that. See, I got a not particularly encouraging note from a reader who complained that my recaplet apparently "spoiled" a crucial plot point in the fifth season of The Wire, even though that series has been off the air for, like, six months now. Still, I apologize -- it was my fault for not making sure that everyone in the English-speaking world had the opportunity to see an episode of a TV program that aired back in February and has been widely discussed since then. I will make sure that future recaps never mention anything that anyone might not have actually watched or read or even thought about. And that includes the works of Galileo Galilei since that angry reader who wrote me has apparently not yet been spoiled on what the earth actually revolves around.

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