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At Westmonte, Lux sees a girl in the hall and asks her if she has seen Brynn. She hasn't, she coldly replies, but "Merry Christmas." What the? Lux goes to her locker and finds all of her social work file taped on it. Suddenly, Brynn, Casey, and co. are behind her. Lux smiles and says that she waited for Brynn that morning and has all of her stuff for that night. Brynn asks if Lux just made everything up about boarding school and Jerry Garcia. Casey, who could probs go to some sort of jail for what she did, says that she knew Lux was a head case, just like her mom. Oh, she was at the office yesterday. There's so nothing head case-y about Cate in comparison to teenage girls. Casey says that Cate must have thought she could use Lux's "pathetic past" to get her off the hook. This seems slightly implausible. Lux deduces that Casey taped the shit to her locker and tells Brynn that she can explain. Brynn replies that Lux lied to her face when she was trying to be her friend. And, that wasn't Jerry Garcia's bong. They googled him and he's dead.

At Baze's, he stresses to Jamie that they need to make a lot of money that night. He says to push premium liquor. Lux enters, angry. She tells Baze that she's moving in.

That night, the bar is really busy. Jamie says that it's also great because every woman there wants to get laid. He thinks they should get Math involved. Cate approaches the bar and says Baze pulled off the event. He sarcastically thanks her for the vote of confidence and tells her that Lux is at his place and mad at her. She asks what she did, but Alice approaches and tells her that she needs to take the stage. Onstage, they announce that there is a drawing to win a date with Cate or with Ryan. Ryan explains that they rules are to talk to get a drink and talk to a person. If you like them, nurse the drink. If you don't, down it. That's subtle. He says that Baze and Jamie behind the bar will be happy to help everyone. Baze is insulted, like Ryan is looking down on him. Sensitivo. Alice arrives and tells them that someone puked in the ladies' room. The guys rock-paper-scissors it and Baze is sent to clean it. Math comes downstairs and smiles at the idea of having a date with Cate.

Jamie asks Alice what she's drinking and she tells him that she's working. So, that's a double vodka on the rocks? She says that's perfect. Then, he asks her if she's going to nurse it or down it, but she tells him that she's married. With step-kids. He replies, "I'm out," and starts chatting with the pretty girl next to her.

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Life Unexpected




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