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Biting The Mic That Feeds You

Cate runs off of the stage when their bit is over. Math tries to chat with him, but she brushes him off saying that she has to find Lux. He looks properly dejected. Ryan gets a beer from Baze and gets a dose of attitude as well. Baze says not everybody can be the nice guy with a good job and money for Disney World. Ryan doesn't seem as confused as he should be and says that Baze needs to get over his complex. He feels bad for Cate because she's trying to be a good mom and Baze is just laying back -- and Lux runs to him. Ryan thinks that Baze should start acting like a father.

Upstairs, Lux is furious with Cate. She tells her that Casey spread her file around. She screams that she doesn't want Cate's help. She says that everyone at school thinks that she's a liar and she has to tell Cate that she lied to the folks at school. Cate says that she has nothing to be ashamed of and she doesn't know why Lux would lie. Lux says that Cate lies to, about dating Ryan. Cate tries to calm her and reminds her that the Santa letter was very sweet. Lux says it was sad, because she was wishing for parents while everyone else wished for toys. Now, the whole school knows that no one wanted her, ever. Not even Cate and Baze. She remembers being on display for adoptive parents, but no one ever chose her. She runs downstairs and takes to the stage, where she tells everyone that Cate and Ryan are engaged.

After the event, Ryan, Cate, and Alice are sitting on a curb. Alice says that this is very bad for all of them. She also adds that her step-kids are monsters and even they wouldn't do what Lux did. Cate says that Lux can stay at Baze's. That night, neither Baze nor Lux can sleep. Lux feels bad about what she did to Cate. Baze says that he knows that Lux used to run away when things got tough, but she needs to work things out with Cate.

The next morning, Lux is waiting for Cate when she arrives at work. She approaches her, bag in hand, and Cate says that she needs to talk to her. Cate says that she doesn't know how to tell Lux anymore that she's trying. She didn't try to hurt Lux, but Lux did try to hurt hers and Ryan's careers. She says that this isn't working. Lux looks terrified. Cate says that she doesn't know how to do things better than she's doing them, and they can call the social worker if she doesn't want to be with her. She says that Lux will have to take it or leave it. Then, she hesitantly walks away. Dang, Shiri nailed that scene.

Cate is listening to a caller. The caller is calling her a liar. Cate points out that Ryan is a liar too, but people are only hating on her. Ryan says that's because she's a woman in her 30's with issues. Almost 300 people have called in to say that they hate Cate. But, one person loves them together. Ryan says that his vote doesn't count though, and Cate replies dryly that, with lines like that, how could she resist? They go to commercial and Alice comes in to say that people are going crazy. But... people are listening. It's a good thing. Cate tells Ryan that she gave Lux an ultimatum. If she doesn't come home, she will add herself to the list of people who hate her.

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