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ng under wraps. Cate asks him, "What the Hell is the matter with you?" and then somehow Math finds a way to insinuate himself into the equation (no pun intended) because his little loser, Cate-infatuated heart has been broken by Baze's treachery. Newsflash, turtle face: She was never yours for the taking. He huffs out. Now it's back to Ryan, who has decided to decamp to Team Baze. He glares at Cate, saying, "The real question is, what the Hell is wrong with you?" Cate follows behind, and he dresses her down for living a lie and only admitting the truth accidentally. He asks her what was going through her mind to make Baze worth trashing their relationship. She says she doesn't know. He says she's even more screwed up than he thought and should spend her time fixing herself instead of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Jones and Lux arrive back in Portland. He says he'll happily drive her to Tasha's -- or wherever she wants -- whenever she wants. She admits she thought this day would be a disaster, but she ended up feeling like someone actually got her. Jones comes out with the truth that taking her to Tasha's was actually Baze's idea. He spills the beans on the deal they struck because he likes her and wants to avoid some big dramatic reveal later. Oh, but Lux is dead set on making it dramatic right damn now. Instead of being even-headed about the whole thing and realizing that Jones did a very nice thing for her, she feels betrayed and wonders out loud if Baze tipped him off to her favorite music, too. He promises he did everything else himself and says he only mentioned his deal with Baze because he didn't think it was a big deal (it's not). She says it is a big deal (it's not), and if he doesn't get that, he doesn't get her. Now we know which parent Lux takes after. Hint: Rhymes with "hyperventilATE." She stomps upstairs and gives Baze a chilly reception. She snaps at him for setting her up. He tries to play it down and talk some sense into Lux, but she's having none of it. She throws a full-on teen hissy before yanking closed the shower curtain separating her room from the rest of the loft. It's decidedly less effective than the attic door at Cate's.

Some time later, Lux pulls out the paper with Bug's number on it. A girl answers, and Lux asks for Bobby Guthrie. Wow, that's his name? Who knew Bug could be the better option? The girl says Bug's not around, so Lux asks her to leave a message: "Tell him that Lux called and to come home." Way to throw your self-respect out the window, homegirl.

Downstairs, Baze is pouring shots for his patrons when Ryan approaches the bar. He admits he overstepped his bounds with Lux but says he won't step aside just for Baze's benefit. Lux has had enough disappointments in life, she doesn't need Ryan to abandon her, too. Baze offers to buy him a beer. Ryan says he'll stay away from Baze's "dad turf" if Baze promises to stay away from the radio events. Baze lets out a good-natured chuckle, and it looks like we have a peace treaty. He acknowledges that Ryan was the bigger man to come down and admit his mistakes. He confirms that the Jones thing bit him in the ass, just as Ryan said it would. Now that Lux refuses to talk to him or Cate -- and without Math as an ally -- Baze actually needs Ryan to step on his "dad turf" for a bit.

Ryan heads upstairs and immediately teases that Lux must be really mad at Cate to sleep behind a shitty shower curtain. They bond over Cate's shortcomings, namely her cooking, before Ryan brings up Lux's anger at Baze. She takes issue with the lies. Bug may have been no charmer, but he never lied. Ryan reminds her that he verbally abused her, then abandoned her. He tells Lux to give Jones a chance, pointing out that Jones and Baze both went out of their way to make her happy, regardless of whether she approves of their means. He says she has three guys who really care about her and gets a grim look on his face, conceding that he misses Cate.

Speaking of that cheating hussy, the doorbell rings over at Cate's house. It's a massive box with her wedding dress from the expo in it -- a token of gratitude from the organizers, who don't realize she and Ryan are no longer engaged. She clutches the dress and finally has that breakdown we've been expecting.

Meanwhile, Lux shows up at Jones' house. She asks him to start over and get to know each other as friends. He says he'd like that. They shake hands, reintroduce themselves, and stare into each other's eyes in a way that shows this "just friends" thing won't last a hot minute.

Next week: Everyone gets a chance to relive history as Jones escorts Lux to Winter Formal, hitting a little too close to home with Cate "I Got Knocked Up at Prom" Cassidy and Nate "I Knocked a Bitch Up at Prom" Bazile.

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