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ux stomps out. Abby tells Cate that Lux isn't the problem and that it's more to do with Lux herself.

Baze stumbles upstairs and has an extremely awkward conversation with Abby in front of Cate as they try not to let on that they've seen each other naked. Cate calls Baze out for stealing her thunder by giving Bug a job. He says the point was they were both trying to help out Lux. "Who even cares about Bug?" he asks. And what do you know? Lux has brought Bug back upstairs in time for both of them to hear this. He mopes back downstairs while Lux chews Baze out for damaging his self-worth. Oh, whatever. This is easily cleared up, and your boyfriend is getting paid, so shut the eff up. Definitely a royal brat in this case. Baze says he was just trying to make things right, but Lux says the only thing he and Cate manage to do consistently is make things worse. Cate changes tack -- clearly trying to solve all their problems in a day or two isn't going to happen. So that leaves them with one option: Lie their asses off. Finally something they're all good at!

Social worker's office. Cate goes first, followed by Baze, then Lux. Good God, they wouldn't even spend enough time together to get their stories straight about the night before. What is wrong with these people? Finally the social calls them together to put them on blast about their "pathetic charade." She says their lies and obvious problems are leaving her with no other choice than to find an alternate arrangement for Lux. Everyone immediately tries to fall on the sword. Baze explains that he and Cate put Lux up to this farce because they're craptastic parents, despite all their efforts.

Cate gets the ball rolling for a full-on therapy session when she brings up Tasha. Lux says Cate wasn't there for her, leading the social worker to get right to the heart of the situation. Lux still doesn't trust Cate. She doesn't want to say it out loud because the social worker will send her away. She says she wants to work things out with Cate and Baze. The social worker counters that if she can't be straight with her, she'll never be straight with her parents. She puts her on the spot to clarify.

Lux starts crying and brings up all the pent-up angst she has about Cate abandoning her 16 years ago and never once checking to see if things worked out. Cate says she thought she was doing the right thing for Lux, but Lux accuses her of only being concerned with what was right for Cate. Baze steps up to take some of the blame, but Lux backhandedly lets him off, saying, "No one who knew you would have expected you to be there." Harsh. Cate reminds Lux she was 16 years old and had no one to turn to because of her drunk of a mom and her out-of-the-picture dad. She admits she had no idea what a good parent was and couldn't possibly have been one herself.

At that, Lux brings up the really heavy stuff. How she was in a hospital, no family to calm her fears, until she was three. Her abusive, lying parents. "Where were you?" Lux says she and Tasha used to make up stories about their mothers, coming up with crazy reasons why they had to give up their babies. She says they couldn't believe any normal, caring person could do it. She says Cate gave her away like she was nothing, like she didn't matter. Cate, who is also crying at this point, tells Lux she matters now. But it's too late. Lux says "Now doesn't count." She announces that she refuses to forgive Cate and walks out the door.

Baze and Cate sit there stunned. The social worker tries to comfort them by saying they actually had a break-through and that things should actually get better from here. She says this showed that they are a real family and agrees to keep Lux in their custody. She further urges them to pursue getting their parental rights reinstated. She assures them that Lux, by allowing herself to open up, might have shown that she is the most committed to patching up the relationship. Cate assures her that Lux never has to worry about losing them again. The social worker says she needs no convincing but that Lux does.

Cate makes her way to Bug's apartment. Lux doesn't answer, so she slips an envelope under the door and tells her to take a look. That is, assuming Lux hasn't hit the open road by now.

Cate's next stop is Ryan's. She thinks that he could talk to Lux since he has experience not-forgiving Cate. Ryan tells her she can't keep coming to him like this. Cate agrees it's not fair and apologizes. Before she leaves, she confesses that she never held Lux on the day of her birth. She knew she'd want to keep her, so she pushed her away. She admits she's been doing this her whole life, until recently. She says Lux has changed her. The moment she arrived, she "saw a dream she wasn't afraid to want." She acknowledges she's made many mistakes, chief amongst which was lying about Baze, but says she was terrified of losing not only Ryan but also the person she was becoming. She says he doesn't have to forgive her, or even understand where she's coming from, but could he help her? Ryan squirms while hearing all of this. He leaves her question hanging in the air.

Back at Bug's, Baze shows up. Bug tells him Lux is out for a walk. Baze tries to gauge how pissed Lux is. Short answer: A lot. Baze earnestly apologizes for being a jackass and for saying he didn't care about Bug. He says he actually sees a lot of himself ("minus the whole neck situation") in Bug and, despite hiring him for the wrong reasons, the job is still there if Bug wants it. As a gesture of good faith, he hands him keys to the bar.

Ryan finds Lux in her "thinking spot" in a park. She's reading the court papers Cate and Baze signed to legally adopt her. She says she's not ready. Apropos of his earlier conversation with Cate, Ryan tells Lux she's a lot like her mother. She's scared to want things in case they disappear. He assures her that Cate's not going anywhere, witness the court papers. He reiterates that Cate has changed and Lux has changed her. Lux thinks he doesn't believe what he's saying, but he insists he does. Lux asks why he doesn't forgive Cate then. They sit and think on their thinkin' bench as we fade to commercials.

Baze's Lux returns home to find the old man out on his balcony. She mentions all the fun they used to have before she moved in with him. She says she'd rather be his friend because his attempts at fatherhood are getting in the way of their relationship. He tells her he can't flip that switch and he'll never stop trying to be her dad.

Some time later, he knocks on Abby's door, fretting about how Lux just "broke up" with him. She says it's only the beginning -- parents spend their whole lives screwing up their kids. She says it's still going on with her since she lives with her mother. She invites him inside. He says it's not a good idea. She counters that their relationship doesn't have to be a fling, and perhaps him making a go of it will show Lux that he's not just an overgrown frat boy. Which is a pretty compelling argument until you factor in that she's Cate's sister. This is riddled with red flags and Freudian subtext. Aren't you a therapist, Abby? Look into it! Of course Baze buys it hook, line, and sinker. He invites Abby to a proper dinner date the next night. She rewards him by predicting things will work out with Lux.

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