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Cate is folding laundry at home when Ryan stops by. Prompted by some missing socks, they return to their earlier conversation about her cold feet. He tells her things that go missing usually turn up, it just might take someone else to help her find them. Cue Lux and the fifth family member: bong lamp! Lux sets some terms. She can't make any promises, big or small. She'll probably blame Cate for a lot of problems. She's dealing with 16 years of issues that have screwed her up real good. She repeats that she doesn't forgive Cate and doesn't know if she ever will. Cate says Lux doesn't need to forgive her and that she'll probably never forgive herself. She says she just wants a chance to make it right and asks what she can do to make it right. Lux asks to come home.

Baze returns to the bar, where Bug is hard at work. Baze has a proposition: Since Bug's dad is MIA (the "I" also doubles for incarcerated), Baze hopes Bug will let him "practice" on him. Bug shrugs why not.

Back at Cate's Ryan lights a fire as Lux unpacks her things. Cate wonders how Ryan convinced her to come back. Ryan says he listened to what Cate had to say earlier. As much as he hates how she lied to him, he put himself in her position on the day this all started. Now he understands why she lied. He wants to take his own advice, forgive her, and be there for Lux. Cate says she wants to be worthy of him, regardless of whether they're together. He offers to stay and help her find her missing sock: "Because I really don't want to deal with your cold feet tonight." I think I just squeed my pants, y'all. Cate did too. Ryan cups her face in his hands and kisses her. Lux returns to the room to find them this way. Ryan looks over Cate's shoulder and smiles at Lux, telling her, "I'm home, too." Lux squees her pants as well.

Next week: Lux points out the fatal flaw in Baze's whole "try monogamy on for size" theory with Abby. But not before she finds out and screams bloody murder at him. In yoga class. Ommmmmm(G).

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