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Later, Ryan and Lux try to get Cate on task with wedding planning, but she's fraught over the secrets she just learned. She realizes that she should make up for the past 26 years by reaching out to her father in Tahoe. She thinks he has a right to know she's getting married. Lux points to their bond and says it's never too late to form a relationship. Ryan suggests a phone call, but Cate's mind is set: She will see her dad in Tahoe before the wedding. Credits.

When we come back, Lux runs into the bar where Bug is standing among the wreckage caused by Bug's "friends." Baze is still asleep, and Bug is freaking out that Baze will make good on his threats that he'd fire Bug if his hoodlum friends came back. They rack their brains for a plan, finally settling on getting Baze to shut down the bar. Cue cross-cut scenes of Lux variously buttering up Baze to come on the trip with her and Cate, and guilting Cate about getting married to Ryan at the expense of Baze's paternal stake in Lux's life. She claims it'll be their first family road trip. They're just dumb enough to go for it.

A bit later, Baze packs up the truck while Ryan worries that this little adventure should have some adult supervision. Cate justifies it by saying the wedding is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with her father, and so the road trip will be for Lux and Baze. Meanwhile, Baze is showing Lux this week's egregious State Farm advertisement in the form of a Driving 101 PowerPoint on their website. Baze has even made a traveling mix chock full o' '80s power ballads. They did build a whole city on rock 'n' roll, after all. Ryan tells Cate to be careful and gives her a goodbye kiss, causing Baze to gawp obviously. Bug appears from thin air to pick Baze's jaw off the ground and say it's no sweat to look after the bar for a few days. I hope he cleans better than he fights.

And so the family that puts the "fun" in dysfunction hits the open road. Cate chats on her phone with the wedding planner while Baze gives Lux a tutorial on the evolution of Starship (formerly Jefferson Airplane, formerly Jefferson Starship). It's not long before Baze and his music get on Cate's nerves. She turns off "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," and he retaliates by jerking the steering wheel so that she drops her phone at his feet. When she leans down to pick it up, he can't control himself and takes a less-than-covert sniff of her hair. She hears it, Lux sees it, and Baze is forced to overcompensate for being a total weirdo by claiming Cate smells like feet. Lux, surely feeling like a chaperon on a third grade field trip, tells them both to stifle. Ryan really should have come along, I'm thinking.

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