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A bit later, Cate has headed over to her mom's house for a visit. She admits how she used to make up a million outlandish excuses as to why her dad wasn't in the picture, including blaming her mother. Ms. Cassidy admits she didn't want Cate and Abby to know that Grant wasn't just leaving her -- he was leaving them. Cate asks if she was ever going to tell them the truth. Ms. Cassidy said she always planned to "when you got older," then she realized no age is protection enough from that kind of hurt. Cate admits she was going to ask her dad to walk her down the aisle. Now she realizes it should be someone who cares for her and is in her life now. Ms. Cassidy jokes that Kirk Cameron probably won't be available on such short notice. Cate gets serious and asks her mother to walk her down the aisle.

Over at the bar, Lux says they've made progress on the graffiti, which now only says "ass" instead of "asswipe." Frankly, I expected more obscenity from Bug's friends. I'm disappointed. Bug approaches Baze to apologize again for creating problems for him. Baze looks up at him, then back down at his papers before issuing an impassive, "See you tomorrow." Bug can't believe he's not getting fired. Baze says he wouldn't like to be punished for who he was in the past, and he won't judge Bug that way, either. Bug ambles over to Lux and says he owes her. She agrees, "Big time."

As Bug heads back downstairs for another round of clean-up, Lux assures Baze that he has changed and that, among the many fathers she's come across, he's one of the good ones. She asks how long he's had feelings for Cate. He laughs a little, says he thought it would go away with time. Now he's not sure if he wants them to go away because he enjoyed feeling like a family. Lux says she did, too. She tells Baze she's ready. They head over to Cate's, where Lux continues that she's ready to sign the adoption papers. She says she realized on the trip that she loves them. They hug and sign the papers, a family at last.

Next week: Season finale! Will Ryan finally be rewarded for being the most understanding man on the planet? Or is it more of a reward to be free of Cate and Baze when they get what they actually deserve -- each other? Get out your muscle relaxers and your little black veil. There's a weddin' afoot!

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