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Dress To Distress

A bit later, Cate loiters in the dress shop while Lux searches for her outfit. She tries to spark conversation a few times, but Lux variously shuts her down and cuts her off by pulling out the sluttiest Real Housewives of Vegas (if there were one) dress she can find. Cate strolls to another rack and pulls a hot pink strappy number with lots of sparkles. This dress couldn't be less Lux-y, but she seems to go for it until she sees how expensive it is. Cate says she just wants to be part of Lux's big night. Getting a chilly reception on that suggestion, she stops beating around the bush and asks how long Lux is going to punish her. She says no responsible parent would have taken in Tasha. Lux brats that Baze offered. Cate's point is thusly proven. Lux says all Cate does is bash Baze. She tells Cate to just buy whatever damn dress she wants, then stomps off to the car.

Back at the bar, Baze apologizes (with a pastrami sandwich!) to Math for sleeping with Cate. He also suggests that Math make his move now that Cate is single. Math asks if Baze isn't going to go for it with Cate. Baze snorts he'd "rather date Satan. He'd go easier on" him. Math takes the sandwich, and it seems all is forgiven. Baze says he thinks the tables have turned and that parenting isn't as hard as Cate said. Math points out the giant hole in Baze's reasoning -- Baze got drunk and knocked a bitch up at his Winter Formal. Oh yeah! Baze has faith in Lux, but Math reminds him Cate was just as virtuous -- if not more -- than Lux 16 years and nine months (give or take) ago. Math tells him to give Lux the sex talk. Because, he says, the only thing weirder than talking to your kids about genitals is becoming a grandfather at 32. You can probably hear the blood surging through the blood in Baze's temples at that thought.

Upstairs, Lux unpacks her dress, overjoyed to see the Texas pageant bullshit they're claiming is her style. She holds it up to herself in front of the mirror, only to be interrupted by Bug. Surprise! She throws the dress down and is all kinds of, "WTF?!" She calls him out for his disappearing act, which is, in fact, the opposite of being a better boyfriend. He tries to smooth things over with a kiss, but she pulls away and says it's not that easy. He tells her he left because he was turning into someone he never wanted to be. But now he's back. He loves her, and he wants to change. He looks at her with big puppy dog eyes that nearly make me forget about the hideous neck tat. Nearly. It works for Lux, though. She smiles, and they start kissing.

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