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A bit later, Cate and Baze finally have out an argument that has been building for nearly two decades. He says he's not the root of all her problems. She tells him he ruined her life back then and seems hell-bent on doing it now. She adds a new layer of ugliness to the mix, though, telling him she heard him the day after they slept together. According to her, he told his friends on the Monday after the dance that he wouldn't have slept with Cate unless she had a bag over her head and tape over mouth -- that way he wouldn't have to see or hear her. She felt like a fool because she actually thought she might have a boyfriend the whole weekend after they slept together. She even told one of her friends. And then she heard that. "It's no wonder I have a job in radio," she says bitterly. He claims he didn't mean it, but that hurt is far too old to be erased. That comment has haunted her until now, when she's standing in a high school hoping to matter someone. Baze says he matters to her. Cate gets defensive, saying she was talking about Lux and to get over himself. She tells him he hasn't changed at all, he still thinks he's God's gift to the universe and that she's nothing.

Inside, Lux finds Jones and tries to clear the air. He admits she hurt him and that he thought there might be something more between them. She says he's her one friend at school. He tells her he doesn't know what he is.

She walks outside, where Cate is sitting and staring out the window. She tells Lux that high school dances suck no matter how old you are. Lux sits down on the condition that Cate won't turn this moment into some forced heart-to-heart. Cate promises not to be too earnest, then tells Lux she was right about Cate punishing Baze for the past. She asks if that sounds familiar. Lux has been doing the same thing with her about the Tasha situation. She says that neither of them can depend on someone else to fix things. Regardless, she wants to be part of Lux's life. Lux admits she misses Cate.

Math breaks up the moment to tell Lux someone is looking for her. She heads back inside to find Bug. In a suit. With flowers. I suspect he visited a funeral home earlier in the night and there's a naked corpse somewhere in Portland. The flowers, he claims, are paid for. He tells Lux that he'll stick by her regardless of what she wants to do. He acknowledges that he put up so resistance because he was uncomfortable being around Lux's new friends because he felt inferior to them. Lux assures him he's good enough, maybe even better than The Others. They kiss and sway to emo strumming.

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