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Let There Be Lux

Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan are moving things around in her house. Amidst the rubble Ryan has conveniencidentally found her high school yearbook and decides to play a round of Sex-Marry-Kill with it. And who she he flit his shifty eyes to as the third option but Nathaniel Bazile? Cate desperately tries to grab the yearbook from his hands, but he's too quick. Luckily, the scuffle distracts him, and he starts hazing her for her failed attempt at Mary Stuart Masterson hair. She returns to organizing her things and turns her back for a minute. He takes the opportunity to pull a box out of his pocket and get down on one knee. She turns around to see him assuming the position and acts dumbfounded. He pops open the box and begins his proposal, but she wallops him on the shoulder for "surprising" her. I'm pretty sure that's the standard way there, girly. Needless to say, the way this is going down would not rank amongst Ryan's best case scenarios.

Cut back to Baze's apartment, where he is trying to tell JB about Lux. Except he can't even remember her name. Harsh. He says he never even knew Cate went through with having the baby. As JB drinks it all in, Lux tries to make herself scarce. She asks for Cate's number and manages to get in a dig at Baze's thinning hair. Heh. JB interrupts to tell Baze he needs to make this right by calling Cate and telling her himself. The bros, who are full-on eating popcorn at this point, agree.

Back at Cate's, she debates Ryan whether they even know each other well enough to get married. They've been together for two years, but they've never lived together, which she considers a stumbling block. Ryan runs down a list of intricate details about Cate that are, frankly, pretty generic (she doesn't like the word "moist" -- who does?) and which climax by him calling her incredibly screwed up. But it seems to do the trick. She tells him to propose again. He gets shy all of a sudden, so she begs. He foregoes the knee stuff this time, and she gets all googly-eyed at the ring as she accepts. He puts it on her finger, and they kiss. Naturally, at that moment, the phone rings. The answering machine picks up, and they kiss as Baze's voice pipes around the room. Cate scrambles to the phone and only lets him get about five words in (including "and, um, we kind of did it that time...") before she hangs up and tells Ryan it was a wrong number.

That night, Lux is still at Baze's apartment. She paces around trying to figure out how to get hold of Cate while Baze and the bros chill. He tells her she ought to do the same, maybe hit up the FacePlace or watch the YouTubes. Lux begins a self-consciously quirky rant about how she hates YouTube, which somehow becomes a justification for her desire to become emancipated. Not the, you know, shitty parents and living conditions. Blame it all on YouTube! She finishes her Grownup-flavored Haterade, but Math has a rebuttal to her YouTubeism: Christian the Lion. Math gets emotional at the very thought of Christian's heart-tugging story. Baze slams him for a being a weeper. And yet! Moments later, he and Lux are both sitting in front of the screen teary-eyed. Baze votes they watch "Dramatic Look" next, but Lux chips in that they should watch "Panda Sneeze" instead. Guess Portland's answer to Rory Gilmore is a little more YouTube savvy than she lets on... As she clicks away on the keyboard, Baze gives her one of those deep, meaningful "I just found out I'm your dad looks," which understandably freaks her out. He tries to tease out some of their physical similarities, but Lux doesn't go for it. They return to the screen, but not without a somewhat labored metaphor that Lux, just like the Christian the Lion, will have her reunion.

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