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Let There Be Lux

The next morning, Ryan's still on the subject of high school as they jabber on air. They take a call, supposedly from Lux. But she freezes and hands the phone over to Baze. He announces that he went to high school with Cate, and Ryan is all over it. He rattles off all the possible clich├ęs she could have succumb to during her formative years. Right around "knocked up on prom night," the pain is evident on Cate's face. Baze says it was more like Winter Formal. He tells her to come out to the parking lot to talk. She charges out and takes him to task for his tactics. She spits that he hasn't changed a bit -- except his hairline. Double heh. After she's gotten her full harpy on, he steps aside to show her Lux for the first time. They stare at each other in silence. Commercials.

When we return, Cate has regained the power of speech just enough to put her foot in her mouth by calling Lux big. By which she means proportional to amount of years they've been apart. Lux doesn't take any offense. Baze breaks up the stuttering reunion to tell Cate that Lux needs her to sign her emancipation request. Cate, under the impression that Lux was going to a family, doesn't understand why Lux would want to be emancipated. They don't get into it now, but Cate offers to give Lux a ride to Social Services to drop off the papers. She says her awkward goodbye to Ryan. He extends an open invitation over to his place to watch "Panda Sneeze" any time she wants. Also? Bright Eyes. Sigh.

Once they're in the car, Cate says she's actually pretty relieved that she had an excuse to abandon her show because it gives her some time until Ryan asks for his ring back. Lux gets all fangrrrl that her two favorite DJs are getting married. All these developments are so disorienting for Cate that she runs a red light and nearly kills them both in a collision with a huge truck. She swerves in time, and her Prius continues along its intended course. Cate dazedly returns to the small talk, repeating back to Lux that she listens to the show. Lux says she's listened to it religiously and practically asked for a foster care reassignment so she could get back in FM range. Well, that and her parents were drug dealers. Cate admits that she thought Lux was going to be adopted immediately after she was born. Lux explains that she was born with a congenital heart defect that couldn't be fully fixed until she was nearly three years old and by then she was too old for most adoptive parents.

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Life Unexpected




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