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Let There Be Lux

Lux gets back to her foster home to find her suitcases (even her teddy bear!) packed and piled neatly in the front alcove. She clutches the bear and cries to herself.

Across town, Cate and Baze strategize how to get Lux back. Cate regrets admitting never thinking about keeping Lux. She also admits that the romp in Baze's mom's caravan was, in fact, her first. Thanks to Zima and The Spin Doctors. She jokes that they didn't even make it through "Two Princes." Well, if I had a vision of that man romping around gaily in my head, I might have to pull out, too. Just saying. Baze apologizes for how badly he handled the situation -- both the quickie sex and the whole baby thing. He admits he may have peaked in high school. Cate comforts him by saying Lux has his eyes -- and she always really liked his eyes. Cue "Two Princes" and lapse-in-judgment sex. Commercials.

The next morning, panicky Cate wakes up in Baze's bed. He makes an ill-timed joke about her being on the pill. She starts furiously putting on her clothes as they both throw it in each other's faces that they are in relationships... sort of. JB won't return Baze's calls, and Cate gave Ryan back the ring. Still, she insists on preserving her dignity, shouting "This never happened!" as she stomps those painful first steps of the Walk of Shame. This endeavor is made all the more difficult when she heads towards a fake door and has to redirect herself to the real one, still in a huff.

She keeps a-stompin' all the way outside, where she trips over a homeless person. Oh no. That's just Lux! Everyone favorite little wayward scamp. Lux wastes no opportunity to ask Cate, "Don't you people learn?" Then she has a hearty breakfast of humble pie when she admits that her foster mom kicked her out for being especially sassy and insubordinate. She says her life is effectively going to Hell in a hand basket, then ironically thanks Cate for coming to her hearing. Cate apologizes for not being there for her all those years. Lux accentuates the positive saying that, even though she didn't know it, Cate was there all those years. Her radio show was the one bright spot in her day as she moved from one home to another. She thanks Cate for being the only who told the truth. Cate says she has some more truth to tell Lux, so tamp down the sarcasm for a bit, if you don't mind. She tells Lux not to worry, that everything's going to be okay, and she's going to have a family some day. Lux says Cate couldn't know that, and Cate says she does. Translation: Come stay with me, little girl! They smile at each other as they jump off the precipice into this new life.

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Life Unexpected




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