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Let There Be Lux

Later, Cate rushes into the radio booth. Ryan remains aloof, reading his paper and noting that Cate's a bit overdressed this morning. She pushes the microphone and admits to all of the emotional issues he accused her of the night before. She rolls closer and says it's time for her to be an adult, worthy of him... and Lux. She says she's going to take care of Lux and wants him to be there to help her. He asks her to spell it out for him. Their producer starts announcing the start of the show as she asks him to marry her. He sits back, stunned as she rolls back to the mic, wiping away tears and starts the show. Ryan puts on his headphones and returns to form, landing a one-two punch by calling her both Juno and Jamie-Lynn. "You think you're pretty funny, don't you?" she snarks. "Yes," he replies. Then says it again, answering that earlier question. She breathes a sigh of relief, and they seal it with a kiss. Dead air! Dead air!

That night, Cate brings Lux and her things into the house. Baze and the bros jump out to wish her a surprise happy birthday. They even have hats, leis, balloons, and presents! She is amazed that, probably for the first time in her life, someone has remembered her birthday. As they commence the festivities, Ryan walks in. Cate introduces him to the gang. Lux wishes them earnest congratulations even after seeing Cate's WoS that morning. Baze is about as subtle as a sledgehammer with his smugness and "Boom, I got yo girlfriend!" manner. Ryan is too good of a guy to pick up on it, though. They return to the blazing cake. Lux blows out all the candles but one. Math warns her that she better blow it out or her wish won't come true. She looks up sweetly and says, "I think it already has." The end.

Next week: Lux weasels her way into everyone's hearts and teaches everyone a lesson. Just like my personal favorite YouTube sensation: STAINS. Except his lesson is: Cupcakes are delicious!

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