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Cate arrives home that night, and Lux is pissed to find out that she's transferring to Westmonte. She mainly doesn't want to leave Tasha, that ring-thievin' hag. Lux feels some responsibility to make sure Tasha stays in school, even though that hussy was happy to drop out and live the life of a crack denizen with her grotty boyfriend about ten seconds before. Cate insists she's just doing what's best for Lux. Lux continues to bitch about how she'll never see Tasha now that they're across town from one another. So Cate pulls out a spiffy new phone all wrapped up pretty in a bow. Lux says Tasha can only talk on the pay phone at Sunnyvale, so it won't be much use. Cate cops to her actual motive -- so Lux can stay in touch with her. She's plugged in Ryan and Baze's numbers for good measure, too. Lux warily takes the gift and sulks up to her room. Cate's phone chimes. In record time, it's her first text from Lux: "I don't want to go to Westmonte." And grateful, too!

The next morning, Lux has dusted off her ragamuffin-y best outfit (seriously, do you need this much knit?) for her first day at the new school. An emo retool of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" plays as Baze and Math give Lux a tour of the amazingly posh facilities, where Math apparently works (teaching Spanish, I bet). Lux rolls her eyes at all of the preps she passes in the sparkling hallway. Then she sees the trophy case and gets a glimpse of QB Baze just months before his sperm found a home in Cate's uterus. As you might expect, things were less pleasant for Math back in the day. While Baze was scoring the winning touchdown, Math was getting bullied. Lux goes to get her schedule, and Baze turns from reminiscing to stressing about his dad's ultimatum. Math tells him to do something to fix things, and Baze snarks back that he'll just pull out the DeLorean and the condoms and head back to the '90s. Math gives him a pep talk in earnest. He tells Baze to give his father a reason to be proud of him. He's sure that, if Baze takes Lux and Cate over and shows his father how he's getting his life together, dad will cut him some slack.

Moments later, Baze has gone. Math offers to stick with Lux a little longer. She claims she's fine, but her face says otherwise when she turns around to behold the prissy princess (wearing pink and purple! actual colors found outside of the gutter! the horror!) at the next lunch table. She bucks up, sits down, and tries to talk to them. She takes a calculated risk, asking them if they're going to "that party." They go for it, talking about getting a birthday gift some kid named Jones. Lux pushes it by trying to give them advice on this tough cookie named Jones. They point-blank ask if Lux knows Jones, and she deflects, saying she thinks she's met one of them before. She tosses out some random places all teens go (movie theater, bowling alley, ice rink) before the girl skeptically says she used to take skating lessons. Another girl chimes in that she used to take skating lessons, too, and cocky Lux is all, "You weren't there." Ha! Lux says she's been off at boarding school at California, but she got kicked out after she got caught doing it with her boyfriend on the lab table. The skating girl is practically salivating, but the one that Lux blew off tells her to buzz off with her life story. She summons the other girl, and they leave. The skating girl stays behind and assures Lux that the other girl is a bit of a bitch before offering Lux one of her chips. Well then... she didn't exactly tell Lux to wear pink on Wednesday, but it's a start.

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Life Unexpected




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