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That afternoon, as Cate waits to pick up Lux at school, her phone rings. It's Baze, and he's pretty much frantic by now that he hasn't been able to get in touch with her all day. She's all, "Welcome to my world." In any case, they're both at school to pick up Lux, and they're both getting mighty territorial. Baze demands Cate and Lux come to dinner at his parents' house. She snaps that he didn't give her enough notice, and she's planned a dinner with Lux and Ryan. He shoots back to ask why Cate took Lux out of her old school and brought her here, and Cate says to get her away from criminals and gang members. She points to some dude riding up on a motorcycle: "People like that." As anyone could have seen coming a mile away, it's Lux's boyfriend. She walks up to him, and they start making out. Cate smacks Baze out of his stupor, and they march over to break it up. Cate goes from zero to screech in about 0.2 seconds, while Baze adopts his best stern father tone. Lux sniffs that they were just hanging out. Baze shoots back, "That's what you call 'hanging out?' Letting some random guy suffocate you with his mouth?" Heh. Lux says it's not a random guy, and Cate realizes that this is Bug the boyfriend she's heard at least a little bit about. Baze gets all Uncle Buck on Cate, noting that a boyfriend named Bug should have raised some concerns. Lux reiterates that no one needs to be concerned about her hanging out with her boyfriend. Furthermore, she has her own plans to have dinner with him. Cate nixes that in favor of her own dinner. Baze barely gets a whimper in about his own mandatory dinner before Cate starts yapping about being "knee-deep in ingredients" and yanking Lux into her car. As she drags Lux off, Baze asks what he should do about dinner with his parents. Cate snarks he can take Bug.

Back at the house, Cate frenziedly runs after Lux, who is dragging Bug into the attic just ask Cate dragged her away from school. Before Cate can stop them, Lux has shut the pull-up door and snapped up the cord. All Ryan can do is stand in the swirl of dust asking, "Did that guy have a spider web on his neck?" Awesome. Seconds later, Baze charges in. He and Ryan exchange a look that is equal parts trying-to-be-manly and flummoxed.

Upstairs, Bug says Cate is really overbearing, and that's not how Lux's new life was supposed to be. He says she's gotten to know her parents, and maybe that's enough. In the next breath, he reminds of a plan she tentatively made to go down to Mexico with him, Tasha, and Tasha's boyfriend whose name I can't be bothered to remember. Lux laughs it off because none of them speak Spanish. Bug says they can go anywhere and hide out until she's 18. She's impressed he would leave Portland for her, but she wonders how four of them could possibly live on her life savings. Bug says he and the other boyfriend have some ways to make money, plus they can pawn stuff from Cate's house to make ends meet. You notice how all of this rests on Lux's shoulders, more specifically on stealing shit from the family that just took her in? Why does the youngest, and arguably most naive, of the four of them have to pay the way? I call bullshit. And so does Lux when Bug suggests they pawn the bong lamp that Baze gave her. She says that one actually means something to her. Bug gets back to the subject at hand. He says he wants to do whatever it takes for them to be together. Lux says they already are together. They kiss and start taking off clothes.

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Life Unexpected




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