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Not content to leave his son down in the dirt, Mr. Bazile takes this as proof Baze didn't actually grow up and announces he's taking the bar. Baze finally lets out 32 years of building resentment. He dresses his dad down for never believing him. He says he lied 16 years ago, and he lied yesterday, because he was scared and didn't want to disappoint his dad. Now he knows there was never another option. He says the only reason he came to this forsaken dinner was to regain his only means of supporting his child, which is what dad's do -- except Mr. Bazile never supported him. Mr. Bazile shoots back that he supported Baze every day of his life, but Baze says he didn't do it in the one way he needed. He supported him financially but most of the time just made him feel worthless. Oooooh, and then he gets riled up. He rips off his (clip-on) tie and undoes his top button. He says that he wanted to become a dad to Lux because he didn't want to turn his back on her -- "the way that you..." He trails off. So his dad starts barking at him all the accusations that he totally knows he deserves but figures if he says them meanly enough they'll just sound like Baze is whining. He really gets off on it, but his tirade is interrupted when Cate hears the roar of a motorcycle in the driveway. She and Baze run off, leaving the two families to share a delightful dessert service.

Moments later, it's green screen mania as Baze and Cate drive around looking for Lux. They laugh that the attic was probably the better option compared to this shit show. Cate gets serious, saying screw their parents for raising them so poorly that they ended up all damaged and bad parent-y. She realizes she should have talked to Baze before transferring Lux. She had good intentions, but trying to make things better for Lux has only seemed to make them worse. Baze tells Cate to try to see things from her perspective. As much as they didn't like her school or friends, that was her life, her family. They need to stop trying to force their lives on her and start figuring out where they can fit in hers.

Back at Cate's, Lux and Bug are in the attic packing her things. She thinks it might actually be worse that her real parents have treated her like she was expendable. At least with foster parents, that's what she'd come to expect. Bug gives her some justification booshit about how they're the lucky ones and she's doing the right thing, mainly so he can get his hands on her savings and her cooter once they're far, far away. She tells him he should go before Cate gets home but to pick her up in the morning where they can sneak off toward the horizon.

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Life Unexpected




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