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Bug Out
t to Jones, then that was not the answer. Bug takes it exactly the way I did, but ups it a notch, asking if Lux was as easy with Jones as she was with him. Wow. Not cool, man. Jones tells him to back off, and Bug clocks him straight in the nose. Lux tells him he's acting crazy. He tells her Jones will never love him like he does -- no one will. "He just wants to know what it feels like to hook up with damaged goods," he spits. And that's where Bug just lost all his points. That is low. As all this happens, Cate pulls up in her Prius. She runs over to check on Jones, telling Lux to go inside, and threatens to call the cops on Bug.

A bit later, Cate comes up to Lux's room after giving Jones a ride home. She asks if Bug acts like that often. Lux says he understandably doesn't deal well with being rejected. She says she can't imagine how Bug would feel if he knew Jones had tried to kiss her. Cate asks for more info, and Lux assures her she pushed Jones off. Cate makes it all about her, saying it's all right to have feelings for more than one person. Lux insists she doesn't, getting straight to Cate's implication by saying that this situation is not like her little love triangle with Ryan and Baze. Cate insists there is nothing between her and Baze, but Lux isn't fooled. Lux says that she knows Cate wants to be with Ryan, but that Cate and Baze have something special. Cate changes topics, mentioning how hurtful Bug was. She assures Lux that she's probably the least "damaged goods" of all of them, pointing to the idiotic decision to sleep with Baze behind Ryan's back. She says she still feels like a high schooler around Baze, hoping for his approval. She knows that's messed up. Lux asks if Cate has feelings for Baze. Cate says she has lots of feelings for Baze -- anger, rejection, etc. But she doesn't love him. She loves Ryan. And Bug's behavior earlier wasn't love. Lux says Bug will freak out if she tells him the truth, and she might lose him. Cate urges her to damn the consequences and build her relationship on honesty because she deserves better. She reiterates that it's a risk Lux -- and, indeed, she -- might have to take.

That night. Lux travels to Bug's apartment. Cate to Ryan's. They spill the beans in tandem. Cate is a little longer in getting out her confession, so Ryan forces her hand. She reaches toward him, and he pulls back. He asks if they slept together. And she lies! She lies! Well, I guess Cate's officially now a real parent. Telling your kid to do one thing and doing the exact opposite. Is there a certificate for this milestone? Cate wonders out loud what would have happened if she'd just told Ryan right after she and Baze "kissed." He says he would have tried to understand because he loves her. He says he wishes she would have told him the truth. Keep wishing, buddy! Cate asks what they do about "us." Ryan jokes about punching Baze's lights out, then maybe marrying her. So that's still a ticking time bomb... Meanwhile, Lux lays it out there for Bug, saying she deserves better than to be treated like he treated her. He tells her to go find better. She tearfully starts walking out the door. He screams out to her. She tells him he's turning into his father. He tells her he never wanted to become his father, that maybe she should go be with Jones because she does deserve better. He shows her the door.

The next morning, Cate and Ryan return to the booth. Cate is still worrying that she's being fired. Ryan assures her she'll be fine, and they start making out. Their producer interrupts them to say yesterday's show was a huge hit. She credits Baze for melting down Cate's frosty exterior. Ryan begs to differ. The producer leaves them to make out for 10 more seconds before the show starts. They rush to the mics, and Ryan starts in on the usual "heidy ho" thing that morning DJs do. "June 26th," Cate interrupts. She interrupts that, among other things, it was the date that Ryan took her to his favorite Italian restaurant and watched her scarf down four cannolis. This year it'll be the date of their wedding. Ryan has no objections.

Across town, Baze listens to the joyous news with a grim face. TOO comes into the living room to ask Baze if he wants in on a late-night poker game or if he'll be at Cate's. Baze says he's going to keep his distance from Cate for a while. He sits there, listening as Cate describes her dream wedding ceremony.

Westmonte. Jones tracks down Lux in the hall to ask if she's okay. She receives him brusquely. Her phone rings, and she turns her back on him just as he pulls out a locket that he bought her to replace the one she told him about. It's Gavin (Tasha's boyfriend) calling. She gets a stricken look on her face and runs away, leaving Jones with the locket dangling from his hand.

Later, Lux enters the house as Cate looks over old mementoes of her relationship with Ryan. She starts sobbing as she says Bug skipped town. Cate hugs Lux as she asks if she should have lied to keep him, and Cate bittersweetly tells her she did the right thing.

Next week: Ryan gets around to that "punching Baze's lights out" thing he was talking about. Not a joke then? Side note: Why are they previewing next week with the Six Feet Under theme? Please tell me Rico is replacing TOO. Please!

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