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The Mirror of Erised

Jungle: Hurley and Jack plod along until they stumble upon Kate, down by a creek. She turns her gun on them, and when she realizes it's Jack, she... doesn't shoot! Perhaps they'll get back together. She tells him Jin went back to the Temple, "And, um... Sawyer's on his own." Not exactly, Kate. Wait until you see his smoking new mate. Cough. Despite Hurley's tip that there's a secret entrance to the Temple, Kate tells the guys she's not returning. She's going to look for Claire at the beach camp. Jack tells Kate Claire won't be there and that the people at the Temple say something happened to her, but didn't say where she is.

Kate makes to leave, but Jack tries to stop her and even tries to include her on the mission, despite Hurley's insistence that she isn't invited. Jack points out that he's inviting Kate, but since he fails to mention that the Templars told him Claire is infected, why would Kate listen? Since he has yet to express concern over his lost sister, why would we? If these people haven't learned to be more forthcoming with one another in all this time, why should we care what they say to each other -- at all? The wee, unwaxed Jack sitting in my lap crawls up my arm, perches on my shoulder and whispers in my ear. Okay, wee Jack. I'll give you that one. Wee, hairy Jack points out that we are dealing with Kate, so that information about Claire would probably only spur her on. At any rate, there's no reunion between these two in sight. Kate's, "Jack, it's okay; just go; I hope you find what you're looking for," makes that pretty plain -- even, it seems, to Jack.

L.A. Reality; Stately Shephard Manor: As Jack and Margo search for Christian's will, she bitches about how her late husband couldn't just give it to his lawyer, like normal people. Jack smiles, "Why would he make it easy on us, now?" Margo pours herself a drink and offers one to Jack. When he refuses, Mom tells Jack, "Good for you." Now, we saw him take a drink on the plane, so I don't think he's on the wagon. Perhaps in this reality, Jack has been freed from the sins of the father (Numbers 14:18). Margo turns the subject to David. Jack is surprised to learn David was all broken up at Christian's funeral, but in his own defense, he points out that he's a non-communicative kid. Mom says it runs in the family. Jack says that was totes different, since he was terrified of his father. Margo says, "How do you know David isn't terrified of you?" Jack laughs along with me, but his eyes don't. "Why would he be?" Margo tells Jack to ask David, and then she finds the damned will. Right on a shelf, right behind Christian's desk. In a bright white envelope, embellished with bright green. I hope Jack schedules her an appointment with St. Sebastian's top ophthalmologist. At any rate, she sits and starts leafing through the will. I hold my breath and wait for it. Finally, she says, "Jack, did your father ever mention a Claire Littleton?"

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