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On the gym's TV, we see a replay of Omar getting most massively knocked out, and Stacy Keach groans in frustration before flipping off the TV and bemoaning the fact that he put Omar in the ring with Harris. Even though Patrick was against the idea all along, he opts out of any I-told-you-sos, pointing out that Omar wanted his shot, and adding that he was doing great until he smelled a big finish and left himself open. "It happens." Johnny enters and agrees, saying that he got caught with "a bolo, a lucky punch," and then asking how long it'll take before Omar's ready again. Probably because of his analysis of Omar's fragile psyche that he shared with Theresa last episode, Patrick wonders what Johnny's talking about, but Johnny opines that since the fight was hot and Omar "went out on a shield," Barry's got to give him another chance. Stacy Keach thinks Omar's probably going to need some time off, but Johnny thinks he'll get over it. "He's got nothing else to do." Truer words...

...have apparently been spoken many times, as Omar, his face covered in cuts, enters the gym with his boys and an attitude the size of Armenia in tow as he hustles up to Johnny and demands his money. Johnny smiles and casually tells him "it's comin', baby," and more than he expected, as he's "settin' up the sequel." However, Omar hotly opines that he's just "an opponent" now, and Stacy Keach suggests that maybe they slow things down and train for people they can beat, but Omar contemptuously tells "Gramps" that he's to blame for the loss. Patrick suggests that perhaps Omar should come back when he's chilled out a bit, but Omar continues to dish it out, saying that they all sold him out - Patrick's a quitter, Johnny's a "meth-pusher and a pimp," and - to Patrick -- "your lame-ass old man should have bitched out when you did!" That's it, Omar, you are off the Leary Christmas card list. This starts Johnny toward Omar, and the men get all tangled up before Stacy Keach yells at Omar to get out of his gym.

Omar, however, pulls out a gun that was tucked in his waistband and demands his money, so Patrick has to tell him that what he's doing isn't about money. "It's about getting KO'd." Well, that and money. I mean, you're the one that told him he didn't have any. Omar tells him he's not playing around, but Patrick, unafraid, steps forward, continuing to back Omar up even as the gun is pressed into his chest, and grimly tells Omar to go home and get some rest. Omar backs down, which is good, because as many problems as the show has unhesitatingly piled onto Patrick, I think having his heart blown out through his back would be a bridge too far. Omar does, however, inform Team Leary that if he doesn't get his money, he's going to "burn this shithole down," and I'd be surprised if that doesn't get Johnny's mind going about insurance scams and the like. When Omar's gone, Johnny puts a hand around Stacy Keach's shoulder, which is nice, and then Stacy Keach pats Patrick on the stomach before he walks off with Johnny, leaving Patrick to continue to stare at the exit through which Omar and his boys just disappeared. Not hard to believe, given that Omar could have JUST KILLED HIM. Credits.

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