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...especially since it's Sunday, which means church! Father Moran talks about the Haiti effort and how the Leary family is leading it as Patrick and Theresa undoubtedly hope that God's going to forgive them for all this. And the guilt only gets worse, as Father Moran parlays their pledge into a matching-fund effort, with ten families quickly pledging to donate five grand each, which even gets a smile from the bored Haitian nun. Fundraising is easy, y'all! Everyone applauds the Learys as Patrick looks like the cross on his back just got heavier, while it's all Theresa can do not to lose her breakfast right there.

In the bedroom, Theresa is packing some clothes when Patrick enters and assumes the worst, but she surprises him (and me) by admitting that, upon reflection, she realizes she lost her way somewhere along the line, and they don't need all the stuff they have. Patrick's appreciative of the gesture but tells her it won't make a dent in what they owe, but she says some of the things she has weren't cheap -- "the apology bracelets, the guilt rings." Hmm, I was wondering about that mystery woman to whom Patrick's sending money, and given the indication of a checkered history I'm definitely staring to feel like Patrick's been overcompensating for infidelity for a while here (not to mention wondering if there's a Little Lights running around in Illinois). She sincerely says that she never wanted those things, only him, and when he pointedly asks if that's still the case, she offers, "For richer or poorer." Excellent. It's nice to see her put her money where her mouth is. Theresa rattles off some potential solutions, all of which Patrick shoots down, but it's good that she's thinking; however, she definitely does not want to be responsible for Johnny, and I can't say I blame her there. She suggests they go upstate, as her sister has an empty nest now and they can move in with her for a while, but he tells her he's not going to let her sacrifice her career and pull the girls out of school. "I'm not gonna let anything happen to our family." Well gee, Patrick, there's only one thing you've got that's worth anything. But for now, he gets a phone call and says he has to go, citing an appearance with a wrestler at a Home Depot. Er, close enough?

In the warehouse elevator, the guy operating it says it's good he got there, as his brother was getting worried. Patrick's surprised to hear Johnny's in attendance, but sees him as soon as the door opens. There's also an MMA octagon fight cage now within the place, but let's leave that aside for the moment, as when Patrick asks what Johnny's doing there, Johnny explains, "Collateral." That... kind of doesn't make sense, since Brennan is the one picking up the entire debt if Patrick loses, and despite his kind words about Johnny earlier it seems like, say, HIS OWN SON might be a better choice to make sure he doesn't renege. Johnny leans in and says Patrick doesn't have to do this, and I'm getting a little tired of how he keeps telling his brother that in situations where he really has no effective alternative, as Patrick more succinctly points out: "It's me or you, Johnny. You got a better idea?" Of course, he does not, so Patrick steps forward...

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