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Alone In The Ring

...and then cut to a sign at the gym that reads "Pain Is Temporary, Pride Is Forever." Heh. Pan down to the ring, by which Omar is waiting when Patrick appears and hands him a check. Well, one problem of many solved, I guess. Or not totally, as Omar asks if the amount is a joke, to which Patrick replies, "You gonna pull a gun on me again?" After what we saw today, I'm not sure the bullet would even stand a chance. Omar, with a mixture of petulance and apology, says it wasn't loaded, and Patrick tells him it's a down payment, and he'll get the rest when he has it. Omar agrees and starts to leave, but Patrick calls that he fought a good fight, and he could have won. Omar tries to blame Stacy Keach's strategy again, saying if he'd gone in and pounded, Harris wouldn't have been able to land that bolo shot, but Patrick sadly tells him it wasn't a lucky punch. Omar then complains that the ref gave him a quick count, but Patrick demurs, saying he got a little cocky and got beat as a result. "The sooner you accept that, the sooner we can get back to work." Omar is surprised, but Patrick tells him they can climb back up the ladder, and it won't be easy, but he can get there. He's speaking from experience, as we learned last time, but it turns out Patrick was more right about Omar than he was hoping, as Omar tells him that when he hit the canvas, he was back in that dark room, all alone. Patrick says he got knocked out, but Omar confesses that wasn't the case. "We both know I could've gotten back up again. I just didn't want to." After a long pause, he adds, "I'm not a boxer," and then the actor does some terrific work as he gives the ring a quick last look before heading out, leaving Patrick sitting by the ring. Alone. Please, show, get a continuity editor or script polisher or something, because if you'd stop annoying me with nonsensical lapses, I think we'd really get along.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. He writes about film and television on his blog "Pull Up A Chair," which he would just love for you to visit. Also, you can follow him on Twitter here, or get information about his most recent film "East Fifth Bliss," starring Michael C. Hall, Lucy Liu, and Peter Fonda, on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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