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At the gym, Patrick gets out of the car and, seeing some of the guys standing around the entrance, asks, "What's with the sewing circle?" Or...the circle without sewing? I mean, I was under the impression that expression was used to express derision at seemingly womanly activities such as gossip, not to describe a bunch of dudes actually standing around in a circle. God, this writing. Anyway, the big mystery is that Stacy Keach didn't show up that morning, and the one dude is like, "I tried callin' him," which is hilarious, like, that's the ONLY THING the [sewing] circle of them could think to do. After Patrick lets them in, he tells "Tito" to call him if Stacy Keach turns up...

...and in the parking lot, he sees Johnny pull in. Patrick asks him if he's heard from Stacy Keach, and Johnny says no -- Margaret told him he didn't even show at the diner. "She gave me his egg and cheese." Cholesterol, Stacy Keach! Patrick says he'll go to the house, and asks if Johnny's going to stay at the gym, but Johnny says he won't for long -- he's got to go see Barry in the city about the fight money. He then tells Patrick that if "those animals" laid a finger on Stacy Keach, they're going back at them. But that will just perpetuate the cycle of violence! WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN? Sorry, just trying to match the level of writing so far.

Patrick turns up to Stacy Keach's house and finds the paper still where it was left outside and the radio on in his house. Stacy Keach, however, is apparently not there, although it's possible he could have, say, fallen. And after that, been unable to get up. Given that he's not the type to wear a Medic Alert bracelet, you have to admit it's possible.

Johnny turns up to harangue Barry about the money, saying thirty-two grand on a one-fifty purse is "bullshit." Nothing of importance happens, but we do learn Johnny has yet to call Tracy, the woman he boned on the copy machine... let's cut to Theresa and Patrick on the phone, getting a bit frantic about Stacy Keach. Theresa wonders if they should call the police, and when Patrick opines that Stacy Keach would be furious, Theresa replies, "Well, maybe we should run that risk!" She's not my cup of tea, but it's hard to dispute that she's making sense here. Patrick, however, points out that Stacy Keach doesn't like to lose, and he's probably just licking his wounds...

...which sends us back to Johnny, and as cute foreshadowing transitions go that one was superior to most. Johnny does actually find a misattributed line item, so they negotiate a higher split, with Johnny starting by asking for sixty grand, causing Barry to smile: "You see, Johnny, this is why no one will do business with you. You overreach." Johnny lowers it to fifty if Barry will do cash, and Barry offers forty, but not in cash. "You ain't the only one in trouble with the IRS." Heh. They settle on forty-two five "soon as the Pay-Per-View money comes through," but Barry adds that there's no way in hell Omar's getting a rematch before heading to some interview he has to do.

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