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Having heard what happened with Stacy Keach, Theresa's mind goes to the clinical, pointing out that he's not eating and he's isolating himself, and wondering if there are any changes in his concentration. Patrick, however, thinks his odd behavior can all be attributed to the fight, but Theresa thinks that even though the Learys are notorious for toughing everything out, there are good therapists at the hospital where she works, and medications that also might be helpful. I do like Theresa's softening every time there's a health issue on the table -- it makes her choice of profession extremely believable -- but, as Patrick tells her, she's barking up the wrong tree here, and when she understandably gets frustrated, he suggests they start over with a different topic. "How was your day?" Theresa plays along, saying it was good, and telling him about the clothing drive the girls are starting for the Haitian mission. Patrick is thrilled, but then gets a wary look and asks what they have to do. Theresa just smiles, so Patrick's face falls a little further...

...but instead of finding out how much money they don't have the Learys are on the hook for, we cut to Patrick entering the gym the next day and seeing Johnny, wearing sunglasses, and a young, nubile Latina woman, "Anna Gonzalez," whom Johnny says is going to work the front desk. After Anna tells Patrick what an honor it is to meet him, Johnny leaves Anna to it, and after he checks out her ass and they walks away, he tells Patrick that "she has a lot of boxing knowledge." I'm guessing Tracy cried by the silent phone last night. Not bothering to comment on his brother's skeeviness, Patrick instead asks if it's an ideal time to be adding people to the payroll, but Johnny tells him it can't hurt to have "a honey" up front. Oy. Patrick then tells Johnny he needs his cut of the fight to pay the church, like, I can't imagine how he thinks the numbers match up there, since he goes on to add Theresa made a pledge for fifty grand. Johnny wonders what's wrong with her, but Patrick points out that she's not under the impression they pissed away twelve million dollars. Whoa, that is a lot. Still, though, Theresa, with all the foreboding that's been swirling around like an ominous fog (not to mention the suspicious car repo thing), maybe it would have been prudent to check in with Patrick before committing that much cash. Johnny acts like a prick for a bit, so Patrick focuses in on the sunglasses and his brother's missing watch and asks what's up. Johnny removes his shades to reveal one black eye, and when Patrick asks if Omar's guys did this, Johnny says he doesn't know -- he got jumped. Patrick literally is like, "You got jumped. You," and I wonder what he'd say if he knew that two guys, both a head shorter than his brother, had no trouble kicking his ass. Anyway, Johnny comes clean about the bet, which also happened to be for fifty grand, and I'm thinking this family needs to stay away from that number altogether. Johnny talks about how Omar was ready and at five-to-one odds he would have gotten back a quarter of a million, but Patrick is more concerned with whom, exactly, Johnny made this bet...

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Lights Out




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