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...which leads us back to the Chinese restaurant. Patrick asks "Madame Chen" if her son is around, getting this reply: "Ernie's at the dentist." HA! Good one, show. She then asks Patrick if he's going to fight again, and when Patrick indicates it's possible, she tells him she won a lot of money on his last fight with Reynolds. Patrick's like, uh, thanks, so she clarifies that it's nothing personal. "I just always bet on the black man, 'cause the white heavyweight usually lose." Patrick's all, awesome, and then pointedly asks her to tell Ernie he said hello, but Madame Chen is too busy bagging his order to notice the menace in his voice... let's cut to Patrick and Stacy Keach in the latter's place, the remains of the food in front of them. Hilariously, Patrick asks if Stacy Keach ever thinks of getting a pet, but Stacy Keach bristles at the underlying idea that he's lonely and tells Patrick that his shift is over, so he can go. Stacy Keach then asks if he paid Omar, and Patrick replies that Johnny's working on it before suggesting that the three of them go out. "We never have fun anymore." Stacy Keach inquires if Patrick's asking him on a date, like, for all the ball-busting he accuses Patrick of, I never hear him let anything Patrick say go without comment, but Patrick easily says sure, and that there's a fight on Friday night. Sounds like just another night Tracy will be sitting home crying.

Stacy Keach and Patrick are in a bar, but instead of boxing on the TV, there's an MMA fight. Stacy Keach asks a waitress if she'd turn on the fight, by which Patrick clarifies he means boxing, and sure, I'll accept the show's narrative premise that boxing isn't what it used to be, but I still think her answering "That is not an English word" stare is a bit much, especially given that when it's convenient for the show, Patrick is a town god. Stacy Keach asks where Johnny is, and after hearing that he's probably "scrambling," Stacy Keach comments, "Tough times," like, blowing me away with the insight again here. He adds that Patrick and Johnny are lucky to have each other (no comment) before the waitress returns with the news that the manager said he'd put the fight on one TV, with no sound and a note for Patrick. Once Patrick reads it, he tells Stacy Keach he'll be back in a minute, and then leaves to meet Susie behind the gym for a smoke and a makeout session...

...or to head out to the parking lot, where Brennan gets out of his limo to greet him. He expresses his sympathies over the Omar fight, and Patrick asks if Ernie Chen works for him, but Brennan tells him no -- if he did, he'd have known better than to take a bet from Johnny. Patrick asks what, then he wants, but Brennan assures him he didn't mean any offense -- he always liked Johnny, and he was terrific when he was coming up..."Chen's crew wants to take him out." Patrick points out he's just a few days late, but Brennan demurs, saying it's more than a few, and it's not the first time either, and even though he tried to intervene, they want everyone to know how tough they are. Patrick says he's good for Johnny's debt, but Brennan points out that that's obviously no longer the case, and wonders if Stacy Keach has anything set aside. "These are the questions you need to be asking, unless you want to let him go." Patrick retorts that Brennan has a brother (?), and he knows what he'd do for him, and Brennan smiles, "That's all I need to hear." Stacy Keach then pops out and tells Patrick he's missing a good fight, and Patrick replies that he'll be right there. Stacy Keach obviously looks concerned but heads back inside without a word, and after Brennan calls Stacy Keach tough, he takes his leave as well. Great, so the Learys are tough, broke, and probably soon to be dead. But hey, they've got each other!

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