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The next day (or whenever), Stacy Keach returns home and is like, "You again?" when he sees Patrick sitting on his couch. He asks if a strip club is on for today, and then Katie comes into view -- heh -- and tells Stacy Keach that Patrick said he's going to play with her today. Patrick apologizes for his last-minute imposition, saying something came up, but entertaining his granddaughter is not something Stacy Keach has to be asked twice about, After Katie goes to the bathroom, however, Stacy Keach asks if Patrick is okay, and Patrick tells him Barry's not going to give them their money in a timely manner, so he may need a loan. Stacy Keach asks if they need to sell the gym, and says it's fine if them do, but Patrick flatly rejects that plan, so Stacy Keach tells Patrick he's welcome to whatever he needs out of the money he made off him. "You just tell Johnny I said so." The mention of his brother of course turns Patrick's blood to ice as Stacy Keach obliviously clarifies that Johnny handles his savings, and Patrick looks like this one hurts more than any punch he's ever taken.

Theresa, Ava, and a bunch of girls Ava presumably got to help with their clothing drive are at a Mail Boxes Etc.-type place, and when Theresa tries to pay to ship some boxes to, I guess, Haiti, her card is declined. Ava makes eyes at the cute guy working there, but her flirting turns to shame when Theresa's next card is not only also rejected but confiscated by the dude. Ava breathes "Oh my God" in embarrassment, and Ava, that does suck, but at least you didn't get boned on a copy machine and have your boss find out about it.

Patrick pulls into some shady-looking alley in which a guy is waiting for him. Cut to him in a warehouse elevator, and when he gets to the appointed floor, he finds Ernie, who tells him he's late. Patrick somewhat condescendingly greets him as "little Ernie Chen," and tells him his mother still makes the best egg rolls in Bayonne, prompting Ernie to reply that she knows the value of a dollar, which she taught him. "Something your brother never learned." Patrick says they'll pay what they owe, to which the enforcer asks when. Patrick asks Ernie who he is, and I get that he's being a tough guy but he probably then deserves this response: "Why don't you ask your brother? Little bitch." Patrick asks for a month, but Ernie says no -- Patrick couldn't afford the vigorish, for one thing, and the fact that Johnny hit him isn't inclining him to be generous. The enforcer then baits Patrick again, and when Patrick moves in close, Ernie pulls a gun on him, but just then Brennan enters from the elevator with a "Show some respect." And I appreciate the dramatic timing, but it's quite the warehouse elevator that manages to operate silently when the scene needs a surprise element. Brennan adds that Patrick's a former heavyweight champion, but Ernie isn't impressed -- his enforcer here is a world-class MMA fighter. "He'd kill you in Round One." Patrick, seeing a way out, asks if Ernie would like to put some money on that, and when Ernie asks how he'll pay if he loses, Brennan pipes up that he'll cover for him. Everyone smiles, as tough guys often do when it is ON.

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