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In the morning, Patrick awakens, and after wincing at, presumably, the pain he's in, he looks at the clock and sees it's just after six, which sends him out of bed far more quickly than is probably comfortable in his current condition...

...and then he's driving frantically up to the house. He hustles up to the door and starts to open it with the key, and at first I thought Theresa had changed the locks, which I would find preposterous, but on second viewing it appears he just thinks better of walking in unannounced, which makes much more sense. He rings the bell, and Theresa, in workout attire, answers the door and is surprised to see him, since he's there to pick up the kids for school...on Sunday. I'd chalk this one up less to dementia and more to the haze of training, and at least they both laugh about it, but things are definitely a bit awkward, and when Patrick, since he's there already, asks if he can take the kids, Theresa tells him no, as she thinks it's important that they have some structure until they figure things out. Patrick asks what, then, they think is going on, and you'd think they wouldn't have waited for an unscheduled encounter to have this conversation, but Theresa says she told them he's living by the gym while he trains before asking how it's going. He tells her he's sore, but it feels great, and you'd think she'd react negatively to that statement but it seems clear that she misses him; in any case, she changes her mind and tells him he's welcome to take the kids, although Daniella's already at soccer practice, and I'd complain about her being gone already at ass o'clock on a Sunday, except I'll take any excuse to be rid of Daniella. Oh, did I not tell you I decided I completely loathe her whiny ass? My bad. Theresa calls up to Ava, and when she turns back, she finds Patrick's lips in her personal space. Given how ripped he's getting I wouldn't have a problem with that, but she's kind of endearingly awkward about it, which is also fine...

...and then Patrick is dropping Ava and Katie off AT SCHOOL in their UNIFORMS, like, if we went forward a day, fine, but in that case (a) where's Daniella, and (b) why couldn't we just have seen what they did the day before? I just hate being baffled by these script decisions. Anyway, Katie runs in, but Ava gets back in the car and asks what's up with him and Theresa. Patrick plays totally dumb (like I've said, he's a good enough liar to be a sociopath), but Ava says this feels different than the other times he's gone away to train, and also, she heard Theresa on the phone with a friend who just got a divorce asking about her lawyer. Patrick assures her there's no cause for concern and that he'll be home as soon as the fight is over, even promising that when Ava specifically asks him to, but after she's smiled and gotten out of the car, he takes a long moment to digest the news. Wouldn't now be just a great time for Mikey Fumbles to appear and ask Patrick if he and Theresa are splitting up?

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Lights Out




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