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At the gym, Patrick is broodily wrapping his hands when Stacy Keach finds him and asks where the hell he's been. Patrick doesn't answer the question but apologizes, and Stacy Keach tells him "Edgar" is waiting to spar with him...

...and then we cut to, presumably, the aforementioned Edgar hopping around in the ring as Stacy Keach puts Patrick's gloves on. Barry chooses this moment to make an appearance and tell Patrick he needs to see Johnny on business, and when Patrick says he can talk to him, Barry shows him the back cover of the "Bergen Star" with the story about Patrick and the cage fight. Patrick's chagrined, of course, and Barry reminds him that his fight against ED is supposed to be a good versus evil thing, and a story like this could seriously compromise his "good" status, not to mention the fact that cage fighting is, you know, potentially hazardous to one's health. Patrick tries to blame Mikey, but Barry points out that it's not really his problem -- Patrick is the one that needs to fix the story or make it go away. Stacy Keach then calls Patrick over, and Edgar takes the opportunity to introduce himself to Barry, but Barry looks like he wouldn't be impressed even if the dude had taken the time to remove his mouth guard. After Stacy Keach gives Patrick a little coaching, Edgar and Patrick go at it, but Edgar is obviously completely focused on impressing Barry rather than being a good sparring partner, and eventually, although not on purpose, he sticks a thumb in Patrick's eye. Damn, this is why I'd want everyone to be wearing the full gloves rather than the little sparring deals. Stacy Keach asks who the hell Edgar is trying to impress, and it doesn't take him long to catch up to the rest of the class and answer his own question, whereupon he kicks Edgar out and Barry and his hangers-on for good measure. He then turns on Patrick and asks where the hell his head is, and when Patrick looks at him, his vision is blurry. Well, Patrick, as someone with two different visual afflictions that make my non-corrected vision roughly twenty/one frillion, I hope this makes you appreciate your normal acuity, if and when it returns...

...which has not yet happened when we come back from commercial, as Patrick tries to make sense of the menu, prompting Margaret to ask if he's expecting a surprise. Yeah, Patrick, even if you hadn't been here five thousand times I'd expect you could guess at least ninety-five percent of the menu items. Margaret asks if he's settled things with Johnny, and Patrick sternly tells her there's nothing to settle...whereupon Johnny walks in. You know, I haven't had much of an opinion on Margaret up to this point, but I'm starting to like her; not everyone could pull off such an exquisitely-timed ambush and then be all "What?" about it. After some dialogue that confirms that Margaret is the middle child, Johnny settles into the next booth and, with a shit-eating grin, asks if Theresa kicked him out, adding that he knows that game. Patrick doesn't reply, so Johnny turns to the subject of Mikey, asking if Patrick's talked to him yet and if he wants him to take care of that. Patrick's only response, unsurprisingly, is a sardonic snort, so Johnny slides into his booth and pleads with him, saying he feels like a stranger in the gym. Patrick reasonably (and free of malice) says he's got enough to deal with at the moment without worrying about Johnny's sensitivities, but Johnny says that even if he's not his manager anymore, he's still his brother, and he doesn't want to see him in that dump of a motel when he could be staying with him. This is about as likable as I've seen Johnny, but Patrick still turns him down without even inquiring about his ice supply, and when Johnny invites him to go out that night like the old days, he replies, "The old days are gone, Johnny." Geez, Patrick, you're making me feel bad for your brother, and that's not someplace I want to be.

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Lights Out




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