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...and then Patrick's back jumping rope with Stacy Keach timing him. When he's done, Stacy Keach tells him to get his hands wrapped, as he found someone with whom he can spar "who clubs just like [ED]." Patrick looks into the ring and sees a blurry image of some bruiser before checking the stands and waving to Margaret and Ava. Ava remarks that he looks tired, and even though Margaret says it's par for the training course, Ava says she's worried about him - she can see the stuff going on between him and Theresa is on his mind, and she's the only one from the house that comes down to support him. Back across the room, Patrick suggests that maybe he shouldn't spar today, but Stacy Keach tells him that if he caught a thumb during the fight with ED, he wouldn't quit, but would go on until he found "some tiny peephole to see through." Well, that may be, but it doesn't seem like enough of a reason to risk it worsening. But while we're on the subject, one of the two eye conditions I have rendered me close to blind in one eye for years, but with corrective lenses and one good eye I could get by just fine. My depth perception was a bit off, but I wasn't experiencing these sixties vids that Patrick seems to be. Regardless of how believable this all may not be, though, Patrick sticks to his guns and says he's not sparring, and Stacy Keach backs down...

...and then Patrick exits the gym and gets A Look on his face when he sees Mikey, as he apologizes for forgetting their meeting. Which...was at the gym, right? Was Patrick late and Mikey now just came back? Or was he waiting in the parking lot for Patrick to come get him? Sometimes I think this show is trying really hard to get me to hate it. Mikey then brings up the car accident Patrick was in and says he heard Johnny tried to buy the EMS guys' silence, know what? Forget it. I can't nitpick every nonsensical thing the show offers until I start getting paid by the word here. Anyway, Mikey, in that dickishly detached way of his that has made me officially over him, brings up the hooker in the car, so Patrick begs him not to write it, and even resorts to attempting to bribe him and then shoving him up against his truck, but nothing is effective, and Mikey tells him he'll leave what just happened out for old times' sake, but the story's running the next day... it's no surprise that Patrick has come over to warn Theresa about the whole thing. He's kind of endearingly desperate in his explanations, but Theresa wonders if it's just like the old days - "you and Johnny and a couple of Friday night girls." Patrick assures her he didn't do anything, prompting her to wonder why he's telling her, so he confesses that it will be in the paper the next day. After gaping about that for a moment, she reasonably enough asks what he wants from her, so he tells her he'd like her to believe him. She tells him this is why she didn't want him to fight again, but he counters that it wouldn't have happened if he'd been home, and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that even he knows that's a ridiculous argument without clarification, so he gives some by saying that he's no good without his family, and there may have been years in the past when he could block everything out, but it's not like that anymore. She petulantly says they had a deal, and he asks if that's why she's getting a lawyer, to which she replies "Wot?" like she's a pre-Higgins Eliza Doolittle. He explains about what he heard, but Theresa informs him that she actually contacted her friend's tax attorney about the IRS lien, to which Patrick, after a predictably hilarious pause, is like, "Oh." She does go on, though, that the friend suggested she also speak to her divorce attorney, and wonders now if maybe she should. You'd think even a lunkhead like Patrick would know that this is the cue for an apology, but he just stares ahead like a deer in the blurry headlights.

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Lights Out




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