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The next day, at the diner, Johnny tells Patrick the welcome news that the story didn't run after all, but Patrick only looks bummed, presumably that he told Theresa about the hooker incident for what now seems like nothing. Johnny, noting this, offers that he doesn't have to go through with the fight -- he could make an insurance claim for about ten grand over the eye injury -- but Patrick of course is like, "Yeah, and after the three days it takes us to blow through that?" Not in those words, but the meaning was clear. He then asks Johnny if he can borrow his car, and at first Johnny suggests that he take him, but when he hears Patrick is bringing the girls to church, is like, "Drive slowly." Heh. Patrick thanks Johnny, and it feels like things are right between them again...

...but the next thing we see is Patrick turning up to some bar that Mikey is currently patronizing. Not sure how Patrick found him, but let's assume that he checked Foursquare and learned that Mikey just became the drunken mayor of the place. Anyway, Patrick thanks Mikey for not running the story, but Mikey rather wastedly tells him he did write it, and it was "damn good entertainment." However, when the fact-checkers did their job, they found that there was no record of Patrick having been at the hospital, and that the police report said that Johnny was the lone occupant of the car. "You a Kennedy? You get in trouble and your brother takes the hit?" Funny, I guess, but...was the cage-fight article also fact-checked? If so, did someone actually give an account of it? He adds that the paper fired him, which...seems extreme, but when Patrick expresses his sympathy, Mikey tells him not to worry about him, because he's got enough going on with ED, who's a killer, but then expresses admiration for the way that Patrick never quits. "I do." Well, Mikey, considering how you just ordered another shot, at least I can say you're not quitting this bender anytime soon.

Oh, now we cut to church? I mean, I know papers can turn shit around quickly, but still: Since Patrick saw Mikey yesterday, he wrote that story, turned it in, got it fact-checked, got canned, and then tied one on before morning Mass? I'm doing it again, aren't I?

ED is sparring again as Barry and Reynolds watch, and Reynolds opines that ED will kill Patrick before pointing out that he's waited five years for the rematch. Barry, however, says that if Patrick were "a brother," he'd certainly have to prove himself with at least one fight before taking on the titleholder, and he's not buying into "this two-tiered system for boxers." Reynolds is like, that's great, but what happens if Patrick doesn't get past ED? Barry: "Then for once, D-Row, you get to play the good guy." He then giggles for a while in that inimitable style of his, which I'd imagine would be hella annoying if I didn't totally, totally love it.

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Lights Out




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