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...and then, in the gym's locker room, Patrick apologizes for being short as he pays some unspecified amount of cash for a second opinion from Brennan's sleazy doctor brother. Dr. Brennan has Patrick breathe in a couple times without even removing the bandage to inspect the wound, like, I realize he didn't pay your full rate but that still seems lacking in thoroughness to me. Patrick says he knows he can't speed up the healing process, but Dr. Brennan's like, "Who told you that?" Oh, great. Is it meth again?

Back at the diner, we see Johnny's apparently still allowed to see his son every once in a while. For some reason that I'm sure has nothing whatsoever to do with camera setups and blocking, Margaret is sitting behind Johnny in another booth as she pushes the idea of a backer, and Johnny says he's on it before asking her if she can take Dylan to a movie so he can go hit people up for money. Margaret, however, has unspecified plans, and after she goes to, presumably, do them, Johnny asks Dylan about his mom's new boyfriend. Dylan says he's okay, and promised he'd take him to a comic-book show. Clearly trying to one-up him, Johnny asks Dylan if he'd like to go to a Yankees game that weekend, but Dylan's too preoccupied with looking out the window and asking whom "that man with Aunt Margaret" is. So Dylan, just to review, is more interested in gossip than baseball. Not drawing any conclusions, just logging the evidence. In this case, anyway, the gossip is juicy, as when Johnny turns, he sees Brennan helping Margaret into the passenger side of his car (guess he wanted to keep it real and told his driver to stay home). Once inside, Johnny sees them make out, and the look on his face like he's tempted to spit out his food at the sight is some of the best work Pablo Schreiber has done on this show. Without even having to think about it, he goes for his phone...

...but Patrick is still busy with Dr. Brennan, who tells him they're going to try a "cocktail." One ingredient will be prednisone, which any House viewer will be able to identify as a steroid, to reduce the swelling and ease the pain. Patrick, however, apparently has a different TV lineup on Monday night, as he asks if it's "legit," and when Dr. Brennan assures him it's not a performance enhancer, Patrick asks why Theresa didn't suggest it. Instead of opining it's because Theresa's not actually a doctor yet, he tells her it's probably because it weakens the immune system, which is why he's tossing in a few retinoids and terpenoids to compensate. He assures Patrick that he'll be back in the ring by the 14th, and he'd better be, considering this shots are apparently going to be administered in his ass. Not something you want to endure for no reason, right?

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Lights Out




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