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...and calls Barry, who tells him anything he's heard is a vicious lie, and Patrick is his client -- his only request is that Patrick talk to one of his doctors for insurance purposes. Again, I don't understand how Barry can dump Patrick from this fight if contracts have been signed, but maybe he's planning to use an unsatisfactory medical report as a way out. Once Barry hangs up, we see that Reynolds is in the office with him, and Barry tells him that Patrick is desperate, so he's making it sound like everything's okay but will pull out after it's too late to book "Mustafa." Again: Contract. Reynolds suggests they give Patrick the extension he wants, even offering to eat the penalties, but Barry tells him they'll come to millions, and besides, if he fights Patrick now, Patrick can claim he was damaged goods, and he'll have "five more years to make excuses." Well, I'm no fan of Patrick having shot his mouth off for five years either, but he didn't exactly "make excuses." He claimed the judges made a bad decision with regard to the points, which is not the same thing. Reynolds, for his part, counters that if he doesn't fight Patrick, people will say he's ducking him, but Barry spouts some bullshit about how both he and Mustafa are warriors, and it will be a huge payday. Reynolds tells him he wanted this to be his last fight, but Barry assures him the public will still want to see him take Patrick on if he'll just stick with him for a little longer. Reynolds looks conflicted...

...while Patrick's back in the gym working the speed bag. Johnny comes in and reports that he's been talking to prospective backers, and compared to them, "[Brennan]'s a goddamned saint." Johnny may be prone to exaggeration, but I can believe that. Patrick tells him that they may not need them, though, as he called Barry and told him he's going to try to make the date. Wait, what? None of this makes sense. When Barry told Johnny he wanted half a million by Sunday, if that price was to delay the fight, how can he be booking someone else before that comes around? Oy, it's not worth following, so I'm just going to assume that everyone's lying all the time and as such none of their words are to be believed or noticed. Patrick goes back to the bag for a moment, but then someone YELLS HIS NAME AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS, like, I know the bag's loud but still: Shut up. Turns out it's that bartender/hood of Brennan's, who asks if Patrick has a minute, as Brennan wants a word...

...and then Patrick and Brennan sequester themselves in Stacy Keach's office, whereupon Brennan tells Patrick he's waited a long time to see him take Reynolds out, and he hopes that "they" are not going to use his injury to rob him again. Patrick, however, is more interested in asking what the hell Brennan is doing with Margaret, so Brennan tells him he hasn't cared about a woman like this in some time, but Patrick retorts, "Just so we're clear, you may be in bed with her, but that isn't going to help you get in bed with me." Patrick, I'm no fan of Johnny's, but if this is your sales pitch maybe you should leave the fundraising to him. Brennan tells Patrick that Margaret has nothing to do with their business relationship, and when Patrick tells him they don't have one, as he's going to make the date, Brennan tells him he wouldn't risk it -- abdominal wounds are tricky, and if it doesn't heal right he could bleed out in his sleep. He adds that he loves his brother, but he's like Johnny in that he thinks short-term, and Patrick shouldn't risk his body and his name in this manner. Patrick is still like, get out, but Brennan informs him that Barry already has an offer out to "the Ukrainian kid," and points out that Reynolds has never really stood up to Barry, who knows how much Patrick needs this and is getting off on it. He goes on that Patrick needs him to get the postponement, but Patrick merely thanks him for stopping by, so Brennan disgustedly tells him to reconsider quickly if he's going to at all, and leaves. So if Brennan is only going to be involved in this fight because of the pure happenstance of Patrick getting stabbed, what was that big secret meeting with Barry all about?

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