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...and then Reynolds is telling Jennifer that Patrick called again, and he's desperate. But he's not here to beg! Jennifer thinks that's not Reynolds's problem, but when Reynolds tells her he plans to fight Patrick in the spring, she's like, nuh nuh nuh -- when "RJ" was born, he promised that the next fight would be the last, but he corrects her that he said Patrick would be his last fight. Jennifer asks if he told Barry that, and upon hearing an affirmative, points out that the day Barry lets Reynolds fight Patrick is the day he loses his "golden goose." Writing staff: I feel like I've been hearing "golden goose" at least twice an episode. Try mixing it up a bit with "cash cow." Reynolds doesn't think that's what's going on, but Jennifer urgently tells him that he doesn't need Patrick, or Barry, or any of them, as he's undefeated as champion, and that's his legacy. "Make Mustafa your last fight, and then you walk away." Okay, but if Patrick ends up reclaiming the heavyweight crown after Reynolds walks away, there's gonna be some questions. Just saying. Reynolds, as ever, looks conflicted...

...while Patrick turns up to the diner with flowers for Margaret, who tells him to piss off. He heaves a beleaguered sigh, which speaking of habits is quite common for him...

...and then we see him exiting, having traded the flowers for the pies, so hopefully Margaret at least will smell them after she knows Patrick's not looking. And what wonderful timing Brennan has to come ambling up and ask Patrick if something's wrong! Patrick shoves him against a nearby chain-link fence in response, which is probably not the best thing for an exposed wound, and berates him for telling Margaret about the job he did, but Brennan, with a chillingly calm smile, asks Patrick to think about what he's doing at that moment. Patrick, however, is unfazed, saying he doesn't care who Brennan is, because Margaret's his little sister. "Anything happens to her, God can't help you." They both regard each other, unbowed, and then Patrick picks the pies back up and walks off...

...and then he's popping a painkiller as he's cooking dinner. Meanwhile, Johnny's out with Dylan, who cannot bat for shit I'M JUST SAYING, when Johnny gets distracted by a text...

...and then it's back Chez Leary, where Dr. Wilson is telling a boring story while Patrick, obviously in a foul mood to begin with, seems to be getting irritated with the easy rapport the guy has with Theresa, even though it does not have any kind of vibe Like That as far as I can tell. Dr. Wilson then announces that he made some calls, like why he would bring this up in front of the family I have NO idea, and says that a friend of his at a well-funded pediatric foundation might have a research position for her in neo-natal care. He starts to go on that it's a bit of a commute to Manhattan, but Patrick cuts him off and asks what's going on, and Theresa haltingly says they haven't had a chance to discuss it, like, how are these people caught conversationally flat-footed ALL THE GODDAMN TIME? Anyway, Patrick gets all in a snit about how she's not taking that job, no way, no day, and then the phone rings and it's Johnny with bad news, so Patrick takes off. Anyone for seconds?

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Lights Out




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