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At the gym, Mikey Fumbles tells Johnny and Patrick that Barry is having a press conference the next day to announce the Mustafa-Reynolds fight. Johnny starts to give Mikey an official response about how Patrick still wants to fight Reynolds, but Mikey spills further that it isn't public knowledge yet, but Reynolds is retiring after this fight. After casting about for words for a bit, Johnny bravely suggests that's just Barry leaking false information, but Mikey tells him he got it straight from Reynolds at his wife's restaurant, and he thinks Barry's going to try to talk him out of it, but his mind is made up. Mikey stands and tells Patrick he's sorry, and was hoping to see Patrick beat Reynolds. "Everyone was." Well, except for that dentist. And his lunch guests. Also that MMA guy. And... well, you get the idea. He leaves, and the Leary brothers look awfully deflated, but Johnny manages to ask if it's too late to call Brennan. Patrick, however, tells him to let it go. "We gave it our shot." Now, you might think for dramatic purposes that the show would give us more than three seconds to chew on the fact that Patrick's apparently walking away...

...but you'd be wrong, as Patrick enters Jennifer's restaurant and informs Reynolds that they need to talk. Reynolds tells him he's with his family, but Patrick assures him it'll only take a minute, and rebuffs Barry's attempt to join them. Outside, in view of the table, Patrick asks if Reynolds is really going to retire before they settle things, and when Reynolds replies that he gave Patrick his chance, Patrick counters that he gave Reynolds his chance. "I was on top of the world. I coulda ducked you, fought a bunch of ham-and-eggers [?] like you've done." Reynolds doesn't want to hear it, but Patrick steps up his button-pushing game, saying that Ed was right about Reynolds -- he said he doesn't have the heart for another war, and that he'd fold once he got in the ring with Patrick. Reynolds asks why he'd care what a crazy man said about him, but Patrick starts talking at Lorelai Gilmore speed about how Ed told him all about finding him on the street, raising him, his crack-addict mother, etc. Reynolds tries to give Patrick some money, saying he didn't know he was this hard up for a payday, but Patrick throws it in his face and says with all he's got, he's still on Barry's leash to the point where he won't even choose the final opponent of his career for himself.

As you might imagine, they've attracted a crowd by this point, so Reynolds tries one more time to walk away, but Patrick grabs him and spits that he's just "Barry's little houseboy." Whether Reynolds has some particular sensitivity to being labeled a houseboy or he just is at the point where enough is enough, he hauls off and punches Patrick, prompting a hilarious "Oh, SHIT" look from Barry, who starts moving. Outside, the two of them start a real bare-knuckled knock-down drag-out, and I hope that Patrick's protecting his side, especially given that the two of them lock together and come crashing through the restaurant's window like they're in Fighting. Of course, the difference is that they're wearing shirts.

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Lights Out




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