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Turnabout Is Fair Play
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Stacy Keach is wheeling one of those upright shopping carts back from the store while smoking one of those cigarillos he favors when Patrick accosts him, saying he thought he left town. Stacy Keach neither speaks nor slows down in response, so Patrick tells him everything's a go for the Reynolds rematch and his ducks are all in a row as far as Johnny and Theresa go, so could they please maybe get to training? Stacy Keach, however, is not interested, and even though Patrick tells him the money from the Reynolds purse would set them for life (because that worked out so well the last time), Stacy Keach replies, "no bullshit," that if he'd fought Reynolds on the night in question instead of El Diablo, he would have gotten seriously hurt. "I don't think you're capable if fighting at this level anymore." Patrick looks stung, but points out that Stacy Keach is always skeptical of Patrick's ability to win, and then he proves him wrong. "That's our drill, Dad." Stacy Keach, however, tells him that things are different now -- for five years, Patrick's been his son instead of his fighter, and that's how he saw him in the ring. "As a father, I cannot watch you take punches anymore! I don't trust myself!" He apologizes and heads inside, and Patrick, if you haven't already you might try the tactic of informing Stacy Keach about his own financial situation.

A guy who just happens to be Eamonn Walker, whom you might know better as Kareem Said from Oz, is working on his truck in some rural location when he sees Patrick approaching and chuckles. He then calls Patrick a greeting, and seriously, has Eamonn Walker spent the last several years supporting Lucky Strike's stock price with the number of cigarettes he's smoked, or is there a production assistant off to the side with handfuls of gravel for him to swallow between takes? He sounds like Dorothy Zbornak here. Eamonn Walker tells Patrick that his presence reveals that he's about to fight Death Row Reynolds again and his father isn't training him, which suggests either he's ill, dead, or they had a falling out, and Patrick wants him as a replacement. Patrick offers that Stacy Keach is retired, but acknowledges the truth of everything else, prompting Eamonn Walker to laugh that three of Reynolds's last five opponents made this "pilgrimage," and when they "done come up here" he told them that he works with kids on behalf of the county now, so Patrick can just go home like they did. Hmm, somehow I was expecting something a bit more philosophically grandiose. Patrick, however, inquires if the kids in question might want to meet a former heavyweight champion...

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