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...and outside, Reynolds warns Patrick (seemingly sincerely) that Ed is nuts. "He can get you in the air, but he don't know shit about how to land." I agree that that second bit isn't to be underestimated. Reynolds goes on that Patrick doesn't want Ed messing with his head, and when Patrick responds with skepticism, Reynolds instructs him to ask him about Chicago...

...and inside, Ed is pacing with extreme prejudice when we hear the squeal of tires, and then Patrick reenters the gym. Ed asks what that was about, and Patrick tells him it's nothing to worry about, but Ed apparently reads Patrick better than anyone else on the show when he guesses that Reynolds told him about the night he fired Ed in Chicago. Patrick's face indicates something, but he doesn't clarify exactly what Reynolds told him; nevertheless, Ed decides to lay it all out and rolls up his sleeves to reveal matching vertical scars running from his wrists to his elbows, and man, I'm getting Ordinary People flashbacks here. I don't know how Ed could have survived this, really, as the rate of blood loss seems like it would have been insanely quick. Ed cuts into the thick silence by saying that he poured his soul into Reynolds and Reynolds broke his heart, and for him, the relationship he and Patrick have is life and death. "You're not down with that, you shouldn't even start." Patrick still says nothing, so Ed opines that they just won the fight, as Reynolds coming there indicates his fear. He suggests they get back to work, and when he walks away, the look on Patrick's face says that he thinks Ed, baggage and all, is just what he needs to get his title back. Whether or not that's true remains to be seen, but we'll find out together, and I gotta say, Eamonn Walker is a great addition to the cast, and the Patrick/Ed/Reynolds triangle is one of the more interesting things the show has going for it. See you next week.

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