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Turnabout Is Fair Play

...and we cut to a boxing ring in which Patrick is holding pads for a kid who's punching away as Eamonn Walker coaches him. When the bell rings, Patrick hops out, and Eamonn Walker tells him that he wouldn't want to know the life the kid has had, and when working with someone like that, you need to "take him apart, find out where the damage is, and put him back together again stronger." Sounds perfectly scientific; what could go wrong? Eamonn Walker then gives Patrick some free advice, which is that he's too tense in the ring, which saps his energy for the later rounds, and whoever's going to train him next needs to fix that. It's kind of hilarious that Eamonn Walker, who always seems like his brain might explode from stress at any moment, is telling Patrick he needs to chill out, but whether he takes this as an opening or just is desperate, Patrick lays it out, telling "Ed" (thank God for the short name) he needs someone to start training him that very day, and he wants it to be him. "Ten weeks, and you're back here on your farm a million dollars richer." He points out that he could help the kids quite a bit with that kind of cash, and when Ed still seems reticent, asks if he doesn't want to train anyone against Reynolds because he's still his boy. However, Ed's face goes dark as he opines that Reynolds is an "ungrateful bitch," (Such language! Won't someone think of the children?) and he certainly isn't making any decisions out of loyalty to him. After another pause, Ed agrees to take a look at Patrick, but cautions him that he might not like what he has to say, and that he doesn't half-ass his approach. "I'm either in or I'm out." Generally a good philosophy, I've found. (What?)

Ava is discussing her after-prom plans with Theresa; Theresa is not pleased that they involve a club in the city at which Patrick picked her up drunk three months earlier, but Daniella, advocating for Ava for some reason, points out that Ava has been a model citizen since then. Theresa still isn't convinced, though, but Ava doesn't care, saying she's going to the city whether she likes it or not. Great! I wish all scenes were that easy.

Johnny calls Patrick and asks where the hell he's been, and the answer is "Warsaw, New York, with Ed Romeo." What follows is a massively expository conversation that's infuriating in ways I haven't felt since the pilot, but the relevant information? Ed is a boxing savant and once trained Reynolds, but Reynolds dumped him after his first big win, after which he "cracked up." By the way, Patrick is conducting this conversation from the shoulder of the highway (with the car facing the wrong way given which side of the road he's on), and when Ed gets back in the car, we learn they stopped because he had a flare-up of some chronic headache, which is always, always a good sign. They get going again...

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