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Turnabout Is Fair Play

...but it's night by the time they arrive at the gym. Unfortunately, as soon as they enter, Johnny and Barry accost them, and when Ed sees the latter he gets a look on his face the likes of which I haven't seen since Adebisi was making it his mission to get under Kareem Said's skin. Patrick asks what the hell Johnny was thinking before chasing after Ed, who looks like he's getting another stress headache as he spits that Barry has debased the game, and he's not going to be a clown in his circus. Patrick assures him that this was just Johnny being an idiot, and that it won't happen again...

...and then they're back in the car, presumably on their way to Patrick's house and not back to Warsaw. Ed tells Patrick he remembers seeing Johnny box, and he had great natural ability but was never going all the way. Patrick explains that he had a torn retina (SHOW! WHAT did I say about eye injuries? Quit it!), but Ed opines that many fighters come back from that, and Johnny's problem was with his heart. "He was looking for a way out." Patrick sighs that his family wouldn't like that version, although with Stacy Keach in such a truth-talking, anti-Johnny place lately he might be worth a shot. They arrive Chez Leary, and Patrick brings Ed to Theresa, but it turns out they'd met once before at one of Patrick's fights. After the two of them exchange pleasantries (or whatever the equivalent is when saying nice words on the subject of boxing), Patrick offers to show Ed to his room with the enthusiasm a kid would exhibit on having a sleepover...

...and then, presumably after Ed's settled in, Patrick returns to his bedroom to find Theresa on her laptop in bed, and never have we resembled each other more. He tells Theresa that he's excited for the opportunity to learn from someone other than Stacy Keach, and then hops into bed hoping for a little action, but Theresa brings up Ava and the prom and tells him they need to be on the same page when it comes to her. Patrick contritely says he thought they were, but points out that Ava's going to London in a month, and that they're going to have to trust her. Theresa, however, says that Ava reminds her of her father, or Johnny, "always looking for a short cut," and she doesn't want her just to marry some rich dude and have a meaningless life. I really don't get the sense this family discussion is going anywhere in particular, so it's probably not particularly relevant that we leave the scene without anything really being resolved.

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