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Turnabout Is Fair Play

Up on the roof, Patrick shadowboxes as Ed opines that Patrick's ring focus has always been split between trying to win and trying to please Stacy Keach, and then goes all Boxing Whisperer as he corrects Patrick's stance and reach and then works him into a punching tizzy. Damn, I hope Ed doesn't turn out to be nuts, because Patrick's certainly in his thrall already.

Back downstairs, Johnny comes over to ask Ed how Patrick's looking, but when Ed tells him he has to "unlearn" a few things, Johnny gets his back up a little about how Stacy Keach took him to the title and whatever. Also, I've talked about his height before, but when KAREEM SAID is being dwarfed in this two-shot, you know Pablo Schreiber is a monster. Johnny steps in front of Ed and tells him that they got off to a bad start, but they're going to have to find a way to work together, as there's a lot of promotional stuff still to come. Ed, however, informs Johnny that while he appreciates that he's got a job to do, things will work best if they never see each other, and accordingly, he's going to start training Patrick at night. Johnny smiles sardonically and informs Ed that "we" are still going to need some access, but Patrick comes over and takes off with Ed before Johnny can push the matter further. Well, Johnny, you can always have Stacy Keach coach you for your comeback! (I wonder what part of that is the less likely.)

At the diner, Margaret comes over with a plate she says is Patrick's favorite, and Ed tells her she's got a nice place in a voice that would sound more appropriate if he were saying "rat-infested shithole." Oblivious to such nuances, however, Margaret tells him that Patrick bought it for her -- she was a waitress for ten years, and this was her dream. She adds that she's got the best big brother in the world, but when Ed growls that he bets that's true, Margaret this time picks up a tone and withdraws. Ed then speculates that she's never been married, and nothing ever really worked out for her and he felt bad. Patrick replies, "She's good people, Ed," which translated means he was right on every count, and Ed muses that Patrick also bought the gym for his father before stopping him from taking another bite of "that poison." He calls Margaret over for the check, and she offers to wrap the steak up for Patrick...

...but then, as she surreptitiously observes, once they get across the street, Ed has Patrick toss the food in the trash. She calls Johnny and is like, "We need to talk," and I'm guessing it's going to be about what a wonderful new coach Patrick has imported into the heart of Bayonne, right?

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