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Turnabout Is Fair Play

...and then it's morning, and Theresa's startled to find Ed already awake when she enters the kitchen. Noting that he seems a bit out of sorts, she approaches and asks if he's okay, and he says yes -- it's just that he didn't think it would be this hard to train someone again. "Every step a fighter takes toward me, is a step toward his ultimate betrayal of me." Ed, if your morning philosophy is this much of a downer, you really should try getting some more sleep. Theresa asks what he means, so Ed explains that to make a fighter strong, he first has to see him at his weakest point. Then, after he wins and feels powerful, he won't want anyone around who saw that weakness -- including him. Theresa asks if that's what happened with him and Reynolds, and Ed tells her Reynolds was only ten when he found him, and had been in and out of institutions his whole life and was living on the street, "almost feral." He and his wife took him in and treated him like a son, but when he started winning, he changed. He struggles for a bit before continuing that his wife died four years ago, and Reynolds didn't even call, so the kid he took in is dead. Theresa assures Ed that Patrick isn't like that, but I don't know, I wouldn't say Patrick has been great about living with weakness either...

...but at the moment, he appears happy with what he's doing, as we see him running through the streets with a smile on his face. He then enters the gym and is surprised to see Stacy Keach, Johnny, and Margaret in the office, who call him in for what feels an awful lot like a Bayonne intervention. Johnny and Margaret make the case that they're a family, and Stacy Keach tells Patrick that he feels like they should finish what they started, and he's reassessed Patrick's ability since Johnny came clean to him about the injured eye, and since he mentions it, you'd think the idea of Patrick's vision being compromised might have occurred to him given that HE SAW HIM TAKE THAT THUMB IN THE EYE. Patrick, however, is not so easily swayed, and points out that Stacy Keach told him he didn't trust himself anymore, to which Stacy Keach replies that he trusts himself more than he trusts anyone else. Oh, Stacy Keach, you've built up this character well enough for us to know that glibness does not become you. He goes on that with a real disciplined game plan, they can get the title back, but Patrick, having been paying attention to everything that's gone on in this episode, tells Stacy Keach that he loves him, but if anything, the El Diablo fight showed him they're not in sync anymore as far as training goes, so he's going to stick with Ed. Johnny thinks this is a mistake, of course, but Patrick tells him he likes where Ed is taking him, and leaves his family to digest this most unwelcome news like so much fatty, low-grade steak.

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Lights Out




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