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Turnabout Is Fair Play

Ava's getting ready for prom when Theresa comes in and (in a conciliatory manner, I will say) tells her she doesn't care what she does as long as she pushes herself, but Ava cuts her off and tells her she knows, and she will, but for tonight, she'd like to focus on having fun with her friends rather than think about adult things like, say, the IRS. Makes perfect sense to me, so I'm not sure why Theresa's face greets this news like Ava just told her she's in the family way, but at that moment the doorbell rings...

...and as Daniella calls that "he" is there, we cut to outside, where there's a white stretch job parked in the driveway. It's Brent from Brunswick, the dude whom Patrick almost made lose control of his bodily functions a few episodes ago, and poor guy, he was probably steeling himself for days to deal with Patrick answering the door, and instead it's Ed. Hee. Ed gravels, "Brent, from Brunswick," which is probably not helping his digestive system any, but he manages to step inside and even stick out a hand for "Mr. Leary" to shake, which he does with no broken bones involved. Ava then appears at the top of the stairs in a short, off-white dress with patterned silver lamé, I think, on top, and Patrick breathes that she looks like a movie star (she kind of does) and seems like he's ready to cry (aw). He snaps a photo of the couple, and then Ed takes the camera so Patrick can get in, along with Theresa and Daniella, for a group shot. Once he's snapped the photo, Ed's face falls, presumably in reaction to his desire for a family like the one in front of him...

...but then we cut to him telling Patrick, as the latter shadowboxes while ducking under a rope in the ring, that they're training at this time to reset his body clock, because the fight will be at night. Perfectly logical. Ed goes on that there's a minimal difference "between the victory party and the hospital," which if you think about it is kind of the point that Theresa was trying to impress upon Ava...

...and speaking of which, Theresa's waiting up with a movie and a glass of wine when she gets a text from Ava telling her she's checked into the hotel and all is well. Nice thought, but if it's only 12:45 AM, as the time stamp indicates, I find it hard to believe her evening is done...

...much as Patrick's isn't, and Ed really wasn't kidding about resetting his internal rhythms, was he? Ed gives Patrick some more advice until the camera slides backwards to reveal that someone's watching -- Reynolds, who notes that Ed is still training at night. And I'm so sure they'd leave the doors unlocked so any nutjob could wander in off the streets of Bayonne in the middle of the night, but I suppose that's not the point here, so Ed hops out of the ring and grandly notes that Reynolds not sleeping at night is still the one thing they have in common. Reynolds, however, tells Ed he gets kept up by his four-month-old baby, and Ed is obviously affected by the fact that Reynolds now has a family, but recovers to turn it around: "You just trying to be the daddy you always wanted. Ain't nothing wrong in that." It's Reynolds's turn to look stung, but he too recovers, telling Ed that he loves him, and when Ed returns the sentiment, you can hardly blame Patrick for butting in and asking Reynolds what he wants, as they're trying to work out. Reynolds asks if he can speak to Patrick for a moment, and after Patrick gives a look Ed's way, he heads outside with Reynolds, leaving Ed to look like he's knows what Reynolds is going to tell Patrick and isn't looking forward to it...

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