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Hi, Ed. Bye, Ed.

At the gym, Stacy Keach finishes packing up some of his stuff and then steps out to watch Ed and Patrick train. After a few moments, he calls out and says he's off, and Patrick invites him to stay and watch for a bit, but Stacy Keach tells him he can see he's in good hands. There's no palpable bitterness or sarcasm there, but after Stacy Keach leaves, Ed still has to bark at Patrick to snap him out of his reverie, and says it's time for the tire...

...and then he's ducking the speed bag each time it comes at his head as he balances on a tire. Patrick tells Ed about the recent time that Stacy Keach tied his legs together while training, and Ed agrees that Patrick has balance problems, and credits Stacy Keach for noticing even as he opines that his fix was wrong. He holds up a stopwatch, which Patrick unhappily notes means it's time to run tires, "again," and then we see Holt McCallany earn his paycheck some more as he runs through a set of tires on the floor before working the heavy bag long and hard, after which Ed puts a hand on the back of Patrick's head and tells him how much faster he's gotten. Patrick seems happy to hear that, but then a car horn honks outside, and Patrick asks if Ed can give him five minutes. Ed allows him two, so Patrick heads outside...

...and I'm guessing he recognized this particular horn blast, as when he opens the door he sees his old car, fully restored from the accident with the married hooker. He's thrilled, and Johnny tells him the restoration cost twenty grand (he... didn't have insurance? Maybe with their financial difficulties he'd gone to a stripped-down policy), but that the restorer apparent did it for free to get their name on as a co-promoter for the fight. Not sure Johnny could do that without Barry's say-so, but whatever; Johnny turns the subject to boxing, first expressing surprise that Ed isn't having Patrick spar yet before guilt-tripping Patrick that they never see him anymore. "Dad's convinced [Ed]'s trying to cut us out of your life." Despite the fact that Ed did say EXACTLY that, Patrick tells him that's not what's going on -- it's just that they're working on new things, and Ed doesn't want him distracted, "by my deadbeat, soul-sucking family," he neglects to add. Johnny asks if they can talk business when "Sister Ed" (Huh? "Mister Ed" I would have gotten, but he definitely said "Sister" -- did he eff that up?) isn't around, but Ed, who apparently opened the heavy gym door with no noise whatsoever because it was convenient to the scene, intones that he's always around before telling Patrick that his two minutes are up. Patrick heads back in, but Ed lingers long enough to stare Johnny down...

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Lights Out




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