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Hi, Ed. Bye, Ed.

...and then inside, he's telling Patrick that he cautioned Johnny not to interfere, but Patrick is apparently wondering the same thing that Johnny did, as he asks Ed when he's going to start sparring. Ed, however, tells him he doesn't want him taking any punches, and when Patrick asks about lifting some weights, as he's seen that Reynolds is a lot bigger than the last time they fought, Ed tells him that all that new muscle on a boxer prevents energy release, and assures Patrick that Reynolds hasn't been in a war since their bout, and he's is bulking up because he's feeling afraid. "The more the knight is scared, the more the armor he puts on." Well, I'm no guru like Ed here, but for someone regularly taking on broadswords and fire-breathing dragons, I always thought armor was a sensible precaution. Ed concludes that if Patrick takes Reynolds to a bad place in the ring, he will fold, but Patrick doesn't look convinced...

...and we're certainly not getting much panic from Reynolds as we cut to him meditating and doing a little yoga or tai chi when his wife comes in with his crying baby, saying the phone woke him up. Reynolds takes his boy as his wife tells him it's Barry on the line, but Reynolds tells her he can wait, as he's with his son now, and the wife offers, "The king and his little prince." Uch. Reynolds is fine, but talk like that is still cheap and irritating. You're his wife, not his Queen Consort. Anyway, all this is so Reynolds can take a walk and use his son as a prop so we can hear him express his inner monologue, which doesn't even make much sense. Basically, whatever mind games may be happening, Reynolds isn't afraid of anyone, and no one's going to take away what he and his family have. Great!

Back in the Leary kitchen, Daniella and Ed are drying dishes (because this five million square foot place doesn't have a dishwasher) as Daniella takes the long way around to bring up famous boxers who have succumbed to dementia, so Ed assures her that he's teaching Patrick how not to get hit, and he's going to take very good care of him. At this moment, however, Patrick comes downstairs and sees his daughter in tears in Ed's presence, and after she hastily withdraws, Patrick's facial expression asks what the hell that was all about. Ed assures him that everything's fine, but he might be better served to tell Patrick what Daniella was worried about before sending him off on his run. Actually, he might be better served to lock himself in his room so as not to have any contact with any Leary but Patrick, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

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Lights Out




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