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Hi, Ed. Bye, Ed.

Patrick is running when Johnny catches him (in his car; I haven't seen Johnny do one bit of exercise on this show with his pants up, and I doubt he's going to start in the middle of the night) and asks if "Yoda" is with him. Heh, I'll give him that one. After Patrick stops, Johnny gets out of the car, subpoena in hand, and tells him about Barry, adding that he's not getting paid ten million dollars just for the part where he takes punches. I mean, I'm not Johnny's biggest fan, but I don't get why this is so hard to comprehend. Patrick's biggest concern in this fight is money, yet he doesn't care that they're in breach of contract that will lead to enormous fines? Regardless, Patrick's ready to take off until Johnny snits "Nice knowing you" at him, which is enough for him to turn around and invite Johnny to lunch the next day. Johnny accepts, and then the two of them go their separate ways...

...and when Patrick returns, he confesses in response to Ed's question that he's late because of Johnny, although that scene took about two minutes so I don't know what Ed's on about. Patrick could have stopped to tie his shoes a couple times, right? Anyway, Patrick tells Ed about the need to do promotions, but Ed doesn't want to hear it, and I get that the guy is stubborn but (a) Patrick SIGNED A CONTRACT, and (b) surely Ed must have had to allow interviews for his fighters before, right? This is just such a manufactured conflict. Patrick tells him about the legal fees and penalties, so Ed tells him to take it out of his cut, like, there may be a cash flow issue here, Ed. Patrick presses his case a bit more, but Ed won't hear it, and then asks why Patrick signed with Barry anyway. Not wanting to bring up Johnny's involvement in that mess, Patrick tells him it's a long story, but Ed opines, "I bet it isn't." Ed's not a big fan of picking his battles, is he? They head for the gym...

The sun is up, and Theresa's already dressed and making the bed when Patrick shuffles in. After he tells her training was good but he's tired, she asks if they can meet for lunch, and look, after training all night doesn't he need seven or eight hours sleep, at least? What is this "lunch" people keep talking about? Patrick tells her he has plans with Johnny, who's feeling left out, and Theresa tells him not to let his brother guilt him. This scene is boring, so let's get to the other bit of relevant info, which is that Ed invited Theresa to the gym to watch Patrick train...

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Lights Out




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